Bedroom Ideas: 5 Steps to Creating a Calming & Cozy Bedroom


The bedroom is the most intimate room in the whole house and the space that aims for relaxation, peace and comfort. However, not every bedroom has that Zen vibe! So, if you think your messy and unstylish room prevents you from having a perfect night’s sleep and reaching ultimate relaxation, it’s time for a remodel! Here are a few steps that can turn your bedroom into an oasis of comfort.

Embrace minimalism

The best way to achieve ultimate relaxation and peace is to clear your mind of all distractions. You can do this with meditation and mindfulness, but one easy tip is to start with decluttering your space and embracing minimalism. It’s very hard to find Zen in a space that’s overflowing with junk and unnecessary decoration! So, declutter, declutter, declutter and the peace will come. Of course, having a minimalist bedroom doesn’t mean you have to live like a Spartan! You can still keep your cozy bed and other comfort items, just make sure to maintain a clean and airy vibe in the space. After all, do you really need all that electronics, decoration that attracts dust and piles of books on your nightstand when you go to sleep? Bare necessities and a few simple decorative items are all a bedroom requires. You’ll sleep much better, you’ll have more space and your room will look cozy and pleasant.

Find the right nightstand

Aside from the bed, nightstands are the most important item in every bedroom and they are also your most personal space. So, make sure to pick a nightstand that fits your needs and habits. If you’re very minimalistic, opt for a smaller nightstand that will hold your necessities, but if you prefer to keep most of your things at arm’s reach, pick a larger surface. However, don’t overburden your nightstand! You don’t want a bunch of things towering over your head while you sleep. If you can’t give up your items, opt for a nightstand with drawers or cabinet doors.

Boost comfort

There’s no relaxation without comfort, so try to boost this feeling with a lot of soft and plushy materials. Treat yourself to some quality bedding, soft comforters and snuggly throws that will simply invite you to flop on the bed and unwind! If you’re trying to save up some money, just know that these items are often on sale during the spring and summer, so shop wisely. Also, your bed isn’t the only place in your bedroom that deserves a little boost of comfort. Wrap your cold hardwood floors with a soft wool rug that will welcome your toes even during the coldest of days! Plus, a stylish floor covering will anchor your entire room and add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Light up your evenings

Having appropriate lighting is very important in interior design, especially if you’re trying to create a cozy bedroom. Natural light is always the best solution, so make sure to let plenty of it inside. The sun will also ensure your mornings are pleasant and that you wake up gradually and without stress! However, you will need something artificial for the evenings. Make sure to pick lighting that is layered and soft. Think gentle general lighting, practical night lamps (opt for hanging pendants if you lack space)and subtle accent lights. Dimmers are also a great bedroom addition. They allow you to manage the intensity of lighting, set the mood and avoid those unpleasant blasts of light when you need something during the night.

Finish with a few details

Decorating a room that needs to have a relaxing and Zen vibe can be quite tricky. However, leaving your walls and shelves empty will make your bedroom look unfinished and impersonal. Luckily, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it! Start by finding a piece of art or a tapestry that you really like and hang it in a prominent spot. It will add a touch of character and style to your space while still keeping it tidy and simple. A fresh bouquet of flowers, a reed diffuser or a stylish pitcher of water all have a very minimalist vibe yet a huge effect on the space!

A bedroom like this will be a perfect sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world and your personal oasis that will shower you with peace and relaxation. You’ve certainly deserved to unwind!

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