Various Designs Of Bathroom Tapware At Sydney For Common Households


A tap or faucet is an essential part of a bathroom that helps people to get the flow of freshwater for washing their face, hands, and feet. Now, house owners prefer to install taps of the latest designs while renovating their bathrooms. So, they need to have adequate knowledge about varieties of bathroom tapware at Sydney, so that they can buy the most suitable products matching their bathroom decor. There are some local companies that are renowned for manufacturing the best quality taps for bathrooms and kitchens. Remember, your choice of tap design will majorly contribute to enhancing the beauty of the entire bathroom. So, choose carefully.

Here are a Few Varieties Of Stylish Bathroom Tapware At Sydney

  • 3 hole basin tap – This type of tap can be used for both warm water and cold water supply that forces out through the same spout. It is attached to the basin by making three holes, as explained in its name. One hole is meant for the tap spout and the other two holes are made for the levers controlling the supply of hot and cold water. This bathroom tapware at Sydney is quite popular for its elegant style, in spite of its expensive cost.

  • Mono basin tap – It is the most common variety of tap that is seen in many households and commercial places. Both hot and cold water can come out from the same spout and its function is controlled with one or two levers. This tap is available in various traditional and contemporary designs, with a square, curved, waterfall or aerated spout. These simple taps are made of stainless steel, brass, chrome, nickel, or gold, among which chrome tap is the most popular one.


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  • Wall-mounted tap – This tap needs to be mounted on a wall, for supplying water to a bathtub or basin of the bathroom. Since all its plumbing features remain concealed within the wall, it becomes difficult for repairing such bathroom tapware at Sydney. There are two distinct levers for hot and cold water supply, apart from other features added according to the tap designs. The modern wall mounted taps are preferred to be without a backplate, as minimum maintenance is needed in these taps. 

  • Small basin tap – This variety of tap is ideal for small-sized bathrooms and cloakrooms, where small basins with less than 600 mm width can be accommodated. Thus, it is also termed as a cloakroom basin mixer and is available in a range of innovative designs. However, it may look weird in a larger basin and also take a longer time to fill up that basin.

  • Floor mounted tap – This tap suits best with a bathtub and all its plumbing features remain attached with the floor in an open manner. This bathroom tapware at Sydney can be shifted from one spot to another in the bathroom, due to the change in the placement of bathtub during the renovation. 

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  • Tall basin mixer – It is designed to be a monobloc tap with a single spout and a tap hole, which resembles the mono basin tap. It works best in the countertop basin of a bathroom, which is usually mounted over a bathroom vanity or the working counter installed there. This tap brings a neat and stylish look to the basin, for which it is preferred in spite of its high price.

  • Infrared basin tap – This tap can save lots of water, as it turns off automatically after a certain timer that is set according to this latest technology. Users need to wave their hands under it to start the water flow again. Hence, this bathroom tapware at Sydney is installed in washrooms of many public places, like hospitals, airports, railway stations, public parks, etc. 

There are many more varieties of bathroom tapware at Sydney, based on the traditional or modern designs and installation style of these taps. So, choose the one that best suits your bathroom style, expectations and budget.

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