9 Stunning Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Parents to Be in 2022

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Baby stuff is irresistible with its bright colours and snuggly feel, and baby showers are the perfect excuse to dot over such items. However, while it's fun and games for guests like you, a thoughtful gift goes a long way in helping prospective parents settle into parenthood.

Some baby items are practical, others are sentimental, others are cute, and others are novel and whimsical. While prospective parents will appreciate most baby shower gifts, it wouldn’t hurt to put some thought into it. So, below are some thoughtful, practical items prospective parents would be overjoyed to receive at their baby shower.

A Diaper Caddie

A diaper caddie is an excellent baby shower gift featuring multiple compartments for storing diaper change essentials like diapers, diaper cream, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, and changing mats. It makes changing essentials accessible while allowing parents to keep their floor space organised; moreover, it is ideal for use in a car while travelling with a baby.

The diaper caddie's practicality extends beyond infancy as it can also hold toys and art supplies as the baby transitions into toddlerhood. 

A Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer makes it easy for new parents to warm refrigerated breast milk, bringing it to the ideal temperature with minimal time and effort. Moreover, it is a contactless device that sterilises the milk bottle while facilitating even heating.

Bottle warmers range from simple single-bottle devices to multifunction devices that can heat infant food and sterilise pacifiers. The apparatus also has a range of practical features including, temperature control, temperature display, and automatic shutoff, to simplify feeding time for new parents.

Teething Mittens

Teething can be uncomfortable for babies, and experts recommend giving a baby something they can chew safely to distract them from the discomfort. While pacifiers and teething rings may do, they are prone to contamination when they fall. Moreover, they are not ideal for infants who are yet to learn how to hold items.

Fortunately, teething mittens are easy for infants from three months old to chew on, and their wearable design makes them less prone to contamination. They also have zero choking and gagging risk compared to teething necklaces and bracelets; they also prevent babies from scratching their faces and developing finger-sucking tendencies. 

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Mommy’s Post-Partum Skincare Gift Set

While baby showers are for babies, mommies also need to feel appreciated and empowered to embark on their parenting journey. One thoughtful gift for mummies is postpartum skincare set with cleansers, toners, moisturisers, and sun blockers.

According to one expert review, pregnancy hormones cause skin changes like acne, dark patches, and stretch marks. New moms may find it challenging to make time for intensive skincare routines and spa dates while caring for a newborn. So, top-grade natural skincare products should help facilitate self-care post-baby.

A Portable Sleeper and Changing Station

Travelling with a baby can be challenging, given the number of items parents have to carry to maintain the baby's routine. However, a portable sleeper and changing station presents the perfect solution for parents with a baby on the go.

Portable sleepers and changing stations are typically multi-functional units and work as an all-in-one diaper bag, bassinet, changing station, and play mat. Such a thoughtful gift is a dream for any parent with an infant.

A Baby Foodmaker

Going from the simplicity and convenience of breastfeeding and feeding bottles to food prepping makes weaning challenging. Fortunately, a baby food maker is a practical gift that would make weaning effortless for new parents.

The multi-functional device uses steam to cook baby food to preserve nutrients. Moreover, the gadget also has blending and re-heating functions and a timer alert, reducing meal prep time substantially.


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A Meal Kit Delivery Voucher

Breastfeeding mums need nutrient-dense to meet their high energy demands. However, staying ahead of your nutritional needs can prove challenging while working on understanding a new baby and fixing them into your routine. Fortunately, most Australian meal kit delivery services offer vouchers for different meal plans and deliver the ingredients for curated, yummy recipes to the voucher recipients’ doorstep.

A Baby Shusher

A baby shusher is the cranky baby antidote that any new parent would be glad to have. The helpful little device leverages that babies under six months old cannot multitask, meaning that they do one thing at a time, including crying.

The Baby shusher emits soothing shushing sounds that disrupt crying and soothe the baby to calm or even sleep. Therefore, it can also be an effective sleep-training tool when included in a baby's sleeping routine.

A Baby and Mommy Journal

According to one study, expressive writing benefits a new mother’s physical and mental health. Therefore, a journal would be the perfect gift, allowing a new mom to decompress while documenting their baby's milestones and other beautiful memories. Besides functioning as an emotional relief channel for the emotional roller-coaster that is motherhood, it is also a wonderful keepsake to hold on to and even pass to your child later.


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Prospective parents may hold different parenting principles and ideologies, but they all appreciate a thoughtful gift. If you are yet to settle on the ideal, stunning baby shower gift, you know where to begin.





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