All You Need to Know About Screen Doors


Is the weather bothering your doors? Are birds constantly flying and smacking into your glass doors? If so then you can opt for a very easy solution, namely just install a screen door. If you want to install a screen door in your property then, here are some considerable information provided below. These will help you to decide what is the best screen door is according to your requirements and budget. 

What are Screen Doors?

Screen doors are used as a cover for your original door. The best part of getting a screen door is that you can easily fit it over your original door without tampering with the style of your door. 

As the name suggests, screen doors are used for screening and keeping out the bad climate as well as to filter out the raids of insects and bugs on your home. There are many types of screen doors that you can choose from. Each style of screen door ensures that you get the perfect fit for both the situation and your door.

  • Screen doors which are hinged, also known as storm screen doors. It screens your door and your home from bad weather while ensuring your home gets enough ventilation and a continuous flow of fresh air. The screen door also saves your door from facing the worst of a storm. These hinged screen doors are usually made in a way so that its motion of opening imitates that of swinging. The door is a swing door, so it is much easier to operate as well.

  • The next top screen door is the retractable one that can not only be opened and closed easily, but it also consumes less space. When you retract the door, the closes completely and folds up. Also, there is no fear of pinching the skin of your hand or finger against the door. There is also no need to slam your door shut. It provides the perfect screening and takes up very little space. 

  • Screen doors which work on the sliding mechanism are often installed by people to save upon space and also to add more look. If you want to install a screen door where entry is not that common, then using the sliding screen door is the best option.

What Do You Need to Know About Screen Doors?

There are many important points that you must think about specifically while you order a screen door installation. 

  • After you decided on the type of screen door you want to use, ensure to select your screen door mesh correctly. You can use fiber glass mesh or mesh made out of stainless steel. 

  • If you are one for using solar power, then you can use a solar fiber glass mesh and save the interiors of your home from getting the full brunt of the sun's UV rays and from also lowering your electricity bills. 

  • Other than, fiber glass and steel, you can use Vinyl coated polyester screen doors if you are looking for heavy durability.

  • The frames of the screen doors are usually made of either aluminum or wood. If your door is prone to water damage, then it is best to consider aluminum frames. There are many colors you can choose from. 

  • Your visibility of the outside through your screen door will depend a lot on your selection of mesh. Also, you can choose a screen door that will give you a full view of the outside from indoors yet make it impossible to peep indoors from the outside.

It also gives you security as you can receive parcels through your screen door if you make a small opening there without fully exposing yourself to the stranger at the door. 


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