Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Home


Everyone goes through a phase where they want to renovate their home, especially around this time of year as the weather becomes warmer. However, finding cheap ways to do so can be tricky, and before you know it you’ve racked up a hefty sum on tiling for your bathroom, a fresh and stylish backsplash in your kitchen, or artsy decor in your bedroom. While I’m sure it’s everyone’s dream to stay in vogue with the latest home fashion and remodeling tips, you might find yourself on a shoestring budget and unable to afford big changes. However, there are small and stylish things you can do to mix things up, and this article lists several ways in which you can start on the path to home renovation without breaking the bank.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a simple way to add charm to any room in your house, and is often overlooked when people consider remodeling and renovating. People frequently turn to new coats of paint and expensive pieces of furniture to try and achieve that “designer look.” However, crown molding is an impactful way to go to update any and all rooms in your home. Crown molding can frame each room in a stylish way, achieving the same result as a dramatic change in wall paint could. Instead of breaking the bank on an expensive new dining table or couch, crown molding is an affordable way to accentuate the furniture you already have and class it up a bit. If done right, crown molding can also clean up the room in a subtle yet breathtaking way, especially because of the clean lines it produces along the perimeter of the ceiling. Moreover, installing crown molding throughout your home enhances its resale value. So, consider this underdog renovation tip before emptying your wallet on a new set of furniture.

Laundry Room

While I’m sure you’d love to update your aging washer and dryer, sometimes you simply aren’t in the position to afford it. Instead of taking out a bank loan, try some of the following simple tips to bring your laundry room into the twenty-first century. First, you could replace the lighting and upgrade to something more stylish, like a couple of chic lamps. For those of you who have kids and want to keep their dirty laundry separate, a great way to organize is to invest in some inexpensive drawstring bags. A drawstring bag or two or three can help you not only keep things in order, but can add a youthful, fresh look to your laundry room. If you want bring even more order into the laundry room, install some fashionable curtains that you can draw in front of your washer and dryer unit, or in front of any windows to add a splash of color to the space in the daytime. Lastly, you can buy an inexpensive folding table to put in the laundry room (if you have space for it). This can make folding laundry easier, and can help you feel like you are changing up your space while staying within your budget.

Bathroom Caulk

Talk about the underdog of home renovation and maintenance. Bathroom and kitchen caulks can fight back against mildew to prevent it from infesting your home and causing more problems than it’s worth. We’ve all been in bathrooms where the caulk is starting to go brown on the edges and has grown brittle and cracked. Don’t let that happen to your bathroom. Caulk, and then caulk again. Maintaining the proper sealants in your bathroom will save you money in the long run as you avoid bigger mildew problems and mold. Gaps in the edges where walls meet the floor can allow water to seep in, as well as unwanted air flow. Caulking will make the rooms of your home comfortable to be in as they block water from causing unwanted damage, as well as air both in summer and in winter. In other words, start caulking to weather any untoward situations in the future.  

Home renovation does not need to be expensive to dramatically change the look and feel of your house. You can do small things to add a new level of chic to each room, and by getting creative, as well as using some of the ideas mentioned above, you’ll end up saving money while achieving the satisfaction of home improvement. Your family (and your wallet) will thank you.

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