5 Advantages Of Using Colorbond Fascia


We all love to live in a comfortable nesting space which not only exudes coziness but at the same time it also leaves a good impression. A homeowner installs different accessories and embellishments that further enhances the life of the house. The lifestyle is fast-paced for most families and finding time to keep a tab on the roofing and guttering and walls of the house along with maintaining a spotless interior becomes too much, especially because access to the roof is a troublesome matter. In order to relieve most homeowners from the stress of having to check the roofing themselves or spend dollars over maintenance teams, colorbond fascia comes as part of colorbond roofing system. 

Why opt for colorbond fascia?

While the roof is the essential part of the house in terms of finalizing the design and completing the picture, it would be incomplete without colorbond fascia which finds use in walling up the gutters. Prior to colorbond boom, fascia was made of timber and sometimes stones.  Both timber and wood made gave more aesthetic value to the roofing structure, but when it comes to combating extreme conditions like severe cold or heat, then timber and wood tend to be weaker, and here comes the role of colorbond fascia.  

The popularity of the colorbond roofing is due to the benefits that come with this roofing option. Whether you are looking for a durable option, or you want to have added some colour to the monotony of the roofing structure, having colorbond fasica is a good choice. From creative liberty to be the perfect design replication for traditional stones and timber, the fascia is more than just good looks.

Here Are 5 Advantages Of Opting For Colorbond Fascia:

  1. Durability – One of the important benefits of using colorbond fascia is its durability. This system is made up of zinc and aluminium which, adds to the strength and durability of it. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to install. Traditional fascia was made of timber or stones and the chances of damage were always high which is avoided by colorbond. 

  2. Customization – The best part about using colorbond fascia is that it is available in different patterns and colours, so you can create a unique focal point using them. For traditional lovers, they can always opt for designs replicating wood or stone to achieve the old world charm.

  3. Insulation – Roofs play a critical role in thermal insulation and gutters and fascia are part of this system. Integrating colorbond roofing with colorbond fascia enhances the insulation of the rooms which makes the electricity consumption less. Homeowners also save on the electricity bills, especially during the hot summer months.

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  1. Waterproof – The main purpose of the fascia is to provide a covering for the gutters along with the roofing. Thus, it helps in adding to the waterproof feature of gutters and roof which makes the roof prevent water clogging and chipping of paint on the ceiling. At the same time, it also enhances the life of the roof. 

  2. Protection – The edges are the first place where wearing starts. Fascia protects the edges and colorbond fascia has the added advantage of being damage proof by which makes the overall system a long lasting and durable investment. While traditional timber fascia tends to warp, the colorbond ones are protected against such problems.

 From the point of view of the installers, colorbond fascia along with colorbond gutters and colorbond roofing is the ideal solution to offer a long term peace of mind for both the homeowners and themselves. Installation is easy, fast and given their level of expertise secure. It’s a cost-effective investment for a long-run result.

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