7 Things to Look For When Buying a House


House hunting is certainly a hectic affair — anyone who has recently moved to a new house would know. And it becomes even more overwhelming if the person is purchasing it for the first time ever. It literally takes blood and sweat in addition to a really sharp eye to find that perfect abode. 

Your Humble Abode

One must be able to look past that fresh whitewash to make sure no big repairs or faults need attention. Not only this, but location, flooring and the neighborhood also needs to be considered before making your purchase. After all, moving into a new house is a big decision as it involves high investment and no one wants their dream investment to come tumbling down right in front of their eyes. Fair enough!

If there is anything which can help make the process a little smooth is good planning. Yes!

What you may need is a well-crafted house hunting checklist so as to have something close to a road map that will take you to your ultimate destination — your new house.

Here’s our checklist for your house hunt. Let's dive right into it

How Is the Roof Up There

The first thing you should look at is the roof. It is good to know its condition so one can determine the actual condition of the house’s structure. If there is a realtor helping you out then make sure you talk about it in detail to avoid any mishap, should you move in. 
Look out for any faltered shingle or moss and have it taken care of right away. A damaged roof is the last thing you or anyone would want.

Got a Garage Out There

A car is a big time investment! Therefore, a house with a garage should be the topmost priority for all its benefits other than letting you park your dream car. To begin with, it keeps the vehicle safe from extreme temperatures and helps the vehicle from getting scratched.


White and Beige Concrete House

Every year more than 7,550 Americans suffer from pinching injuries due to issues with panels on garage doors. A garage can serve as a good storage unit as well — we all know a garage is an ideal place to store all your junk. We looked into Okdiscountgaragedoor.com to get some handy information on rearranging a garage and found some exciting ideas to utilize the space to its fullest.  

It can also be a source of income for some extra cash. You can rent it out to a college student who is looking to move.

Creepy Bugs or Roaches

This may not cross your mind but we cannot stress enough how this should be one of the primary concerns. It can be a nightmare and do not forget how gross they can be! 
You may not come across it during the day but there could be corners where a mouse, ants or cockroaches can easily make their way from.

Hence make it a point to have your new house go through a pest-control treatment or fumigation as a precautionary measure. In fact, ensure that your contractor has it in the list as part of your contract.

Potential Water Leaks

Roofs and walls should and checked for water stains. All the showers and faucets of the house should be tested to rule out any possible leaks. 

This inspection can draw out any potential water drainage threat that may cause flooding in the future.
It is good to be prepared than being sorry when such a problem pops up it needs immediate attention. Also, discuss at length with the realtor about any past complaints related to leaks just to be sure that you are good.

Know Your Budget Beforehand — And Stick to It

Before you make the purchase – it is important that you have a clear understanding of your budget – for the house and for the repairs (if any). So it is always a wise idea to have your budget drawn before you start with your mortgage payments.

According to a research study conducted in 2018 in England, housing price has been on a consistent incline since 1995 as depicted in the graph below:


Image result for house price research graph NY

With a clear budget, you will know what you are able to afford and where exactly your financials stand. It is only natural for you to get carried away because of all the new excitement the prospect of moving to a new house brings in. This makes a budget plan an utmost necessity so that you do not cross that financial boundary and create problems for yourself in the future.

Is It Bright Enough

Hmm….it is something you should worry about because there is something very welcoming and soothing about a house filled with natural light. It makes the room look its best and the people feel good.

There is no denying how realtors could be deceiving. They may turn all the lights on when you do your inspection to make the house seem all lit and bright. But it is your job to be smart enough to crack this out and have all the lights turned off. This way you will be able to deduce where is that sun during the day and how bright it actually is.

Make sure you see how many windows are up there in the house. After all, what house is house without appropriate natural lighting and fresh air

Stroll Out In the Neighborhood

Do not forget this in all the excitement of moving into your new home! A lot of it depends on the kind of neighborhood the house is in. In fact, it can help you in breaking and making that moving decision of yours.

Do not shy away from approaching anyone from the neighborhood to gain a little insight on the neighborhood.
Take with yourself someone who is experienced enough to make it easy on yourself. It is always good to seek second opinions in such matters as often, someone else can introduce you to ideas that may never cross your mind.

So our checklist will give you a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into and will make your experience enjoyable. Above all, these tips will give you the confidence to deal with whatever problems you may encounter before you move into your new humble abode!

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