7 Stunning Tile Ideas For Your Home

Designing your dream home can be quite a daunting task. After all, your home is a reflection of your personality. The colors and theme play a vital role here. From tile selection to upholstery, everything should be great to get that perfect look. Tiles not only enhance the beauty of your home decor, they also add to the vibrant look. So, it's important to choose tiles according to the theme decor.

There are so many choices available today that you would get confused, which one is right for your home decor. From Concrete, Ceramic to Terracotta, you have so many options to choose from. Singapore tiles supplier is a place where you can get every kind of tile. If you are confused regarding the right choice of tiles for your home decor, then here are 7 stunning tile ideas for your home, read on.

1. Anti-Bacterial Tiles

The latest trend in tile design is the anti-bacterial tile. Now, you can be sure of hygiene and cleaning part. Available in bios self-cleaning and bios hydrodect, this one is just perfect for your home.

The tiles are available in Cemento, Limestone, Metal wood, and Architecture. Take your pick if you are a hygiene freak.

2. Fabric Look Tiles

It suits the modern design and theme of your home. Fabric-look designer tiles are perfect if you are looking for a different concept. The tile is available in different colors and has a unique matte surface.

It actually looks like you have used a fabric for your floor design. Take your pick from texture and tussor design, which really looks great.

3. Marble Look Tiles

Marble look can never go out of trend. As a result, most people still choose this style in their home decor. Marble finish tiles give a royal look to your home decor. The most preferred colors are Hegel and Wilde.

Marble tiles are available in semi-polished look at well. The most preferred choice in marble look is Mainstone and Aesthetica.

4. Stone Look Tiles

Stone look tiles are ideal for any setup and decor. There are so many colors available and the texture is also great. The most preferred colors in this tile design are grey, almond, and white.

You can choose from Alp stone, Back, Code and Main tone tile designs. There are so many designs of stone look tiles available on Singapore tiles supplier. Take your pick to enhance your home decor.

5. Slate Look Tiles

If you believe in simplicity, then this tile option is perfect for you. The texture is slaty and simple. It is an ideal choice for your living room decor. The tile design is available in Slary and Context.

Beige and white are the two colors to choose from.

6. Timbre Look Tiles

Timbre look tiles help to add a vibrant feel to your home decor. The tiles are available in so many patterns and different variations. You can actually personalize the design in this tile according to your home decor theme.

Prime, Axis, and Newood are some great options to choose from. Take your pick and style your home.

7. Terracotta Look Tiles

Terracotta tiles look good if you want to add a contemporary feel to your home. Terracotta tiles are available with a matte finish and they can be mainly used in large spaces. It can add a new feel to your living room decor.

There are endless designs in tiles available today. When you design your home, you can choose a tile that fits your ideal theme.

Look wise and feel wise tiles can add a new charm to your home decor. Go ahead and take your pick.

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