7 Simple Tips To Improve Your Home Security


Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you’re safe from all the evils of the world. However, your house is not as secure as you like to think because burglars can strike at any time. Unless you can afford to secure your home like the Pentagon, you’re still vulnerable to intruders.

But, don’t worry, there are simple ways for you to increase the security of your home. Check them out below:

Close Entry Points When You’re Under Renovation

Major renovations in the house can take more than a day. If you’re living in the house while you do the upgrades, you need to apply extra security steps to keep it secure for you and your whole family. Secure the doors and windows like you normally would. If those are the ones you’re renovating, then you need to take extra measures to secure those like adding more locks or blocking it.

If you’re redoing the second floor or maybe fixing the walls on the upper level of your house, make sure you also close the entry points there. Disassemble your scaffolding at the end of the day so intruders can’t use them to climb up your windows. You can use a ring lock scaffolding system so it’s easy to assemble and store away. Check out this link to see it.

Don’t Broadcast Your Vacation Plans

These days everyone takes to social media to tell everyone every single thing they do. One of the few exceptions you should never do is to let them know you’re currently not at your house. When you post your vacation plans, burglars can also make arrangements to rob your house.

Don’t make yourself vulnerable by updating everyone on which city you’re currently in or which faraway country you’re exploring. Even burglars are using digital means to up their strategies. If you must post pictures, wait until you get back from your vacation.

Invest in a Reliable Security System

CCTVs are one of the most common types of security systems, and it’s now widely used by homeowners too. Sometimes asking your neighbors to check up on your house from time to time isn’t enough, so you need to invest in smart security systems.

Modern technology continues to improve, and all kinds of gadgets are popping up to make lives more comfortable. You can invest in motion sensors, video doorbells, or even a simple CCTV camera. Criminals are upgrading their ways of doing crime so you should also increase your protection.

Increase Your Outdoor Lighting

Intruders are mostly nocturnal creatures. They strike at night so their criminal activities are less visible. It’s a good idea to increase the lighting outside your home to scare them away. Make them leave before they even attempt to go near your home.

Add lights to your front and back yards, and your garage. You need to put ample lighting on your pathways as well to prevent the burglars from jumping on you and hurting you. You can also use motion-activated lights. These can catch them off-guard which can lead them to make a last-minute decision to run away before being seen.

Pretend Someone Is Always Home

When intruders know that someone is home, they usually turn away and find a different house to target, one that is more vulnerable than yours. Most burglars don’t want to be face-to-face with the owner since they intend to steal your valuables. 

When you’re not at home, you can use smart plugs to turn on lights at night, or you can leave the radio on during the day. Those will make it seem that someone is in the house, therefore, turning the intruder away.

If you’re going away for long periods, maybe you can ask a neighbor to regularly mow your lawn and collect your mail so it won’t pile up and make your house appear as if nobody’s there to do the chores.

Hide Your Valuables From Plain Sight

Burglars usually “scout” the places they want to target before following through with their plans. You should hide away anything of value. Large TVs, computers, and laptops are easily seen through a window, so keep them far away from it. Small stuff like jewelry and phones should also not be left in plain sight.

Don’t Hide A Key Outside Your Home

It might be a solution for you to prevent locking yourself out of the house, but it’s also a way to help burglars enter your home quickly. Experienced burglars know the obvious places you would likely hide your key and will try to look for them first before trying to break a window or something. Always bring your keys with you or you can invest in a smart lock.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to make your home ultra-high-tech or hire men to guard your house 24/7 to keep your home secure. You can try the above tips to improve, even bit by bit, the security of your house. Be aware of the possible ways an intruder might get in and conceal those areas.

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