6 Tips for Maintaining Curb Appeal Throughout the Year


Curb appeal is the impression your yard and exterior of your home gives to passersby, neighbors, guests, and potential home buyers. Even if you're not planning on selling your home in the near future, maintaining good curb appeal can help you present the image you want others to perceive of your home. While there are many things you can do to care for the exterior of your home and the surrounding property, these tips can give you a head start in maintaining good curb appeal.

Be Diligent in Clearing the Property

Sometimes, doing the simplest things can have the biggest effect on the appearance of your yard. For instance, taking the time to clean up can help you present an attractive and well-maintained yard. In addition to storing equipment and outdoor toys in a shed or garage, put away lawn furniture that's not in use. This will help you appear organized and your home will be less of a target for burglars.

Keep Unwanted Guests Away

Even if you haven't noticed a bug problem, chances are good that you do have some type of infestation on your property. Even if your only problems seem to be ants or hornets, subscribing to regular service from a company that specializes in pest control, such as a pest control company in San Diego or another developed city, can be a wise investment. In addition to resolving the pest issues you're currently experiencing, regular treatments can keep your home from becoming a target for other pests. Even when termites, roaches, or mice become common in your neighborhood, routine sprayings will make your property inhospitable.

Clear the Eaves

Keeping the eaves clean is essential in avoiding costly roof repairs, but it can also help you keep the exterior of your home appealing. Over time, your eaves will collect leaves, branches, and other debris carried to your roof by strong winds. When it rains, the water will become trapped, creating a bigger problem that can back up onto the roof and create a visible eyesore. By taking the time to clear the debris from your eaves on a regular basis, you can prevent these problems from developing. Additionally, you'll be acting to keep the eaves themselves in good condition.

Keep Up with Lawn Care

Another common issue that some homeowners tend to let go is caring for your lawn, but regular attention can keep things from growing out of control. If you set aside one day a week to tend to lawn care, you can keep tasks more manageable. If you're disabled or unable to engage in strenuous outdoor activities, hiring a lawn care company is an alternative. They can provide you with lawn care service on the schedule you set for them to ensure your grass is kept short, weeds aren't thriving in your garden, and your shrubbery is kept trimmed.

Clean the Exterior of Your Home

Renting a power washer once a year is fairly inexpensive and it can produce some very impressive results. Taking the time to pressure wash the vinyl siding on your home can leave it looking brand new and it's one of the best ways to rinse off second and third story windows. You can also use the pressure washer to rinse dirt and stones off of your driveway and sidewalks.

Fill in New Cracks and Holes

Over time, your cement sidewalks and foundation may develop cracks, leaving your property exposed and creating potential safety hazards. Repairing these cracks with filler can help you avoid more costly repairs, while also boosting your curb appeal. In the same way, epoxy or spackle can be used to fill in holes or crevices in wood frames around the home's windows and doors. Repairing these spaces will help you conserve energy, while also restoring your home's beauty.

Taking care of the exterior of your home is important, because it helps you create a welcoming impression. Additionally, taking care of your property will make it less appealing to pests and human invaders. Whether you want to keep your home and your family safe, or you just want your home's exterior to have an attractive appearance, keeping up with maintenance is the best way to achieve your goals.


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