6 Practical Tips for Adding Another Bathroom to Your House


Two bathrooms are better than one! Everyone will agree with this statement, so don’t wait another second more to add an extra bathroom to your home. But, you can’t just grab a sledgehammer and go to town before you know a few things about bathroom additions. Here are some things to consider before you start your project.

Consider the location

The most important decision when building a new bathroom in your home is the location. Basically, wherever you have space and access to electricity, you can sneak in a small bathroom. There’s usually ample space in the hallway, especially if it extends the entire length of your house. Another space that people often decide to ditch in favor of a new bathroom is the closet. Just a few adjustments can turn your walk-in closet into a new powder room. Large master bedrooms also often have a chuck of space they can spare. Partition off that extra space and you’ll get a new bathroom that will be super handy and dramatically increase the value of your home. If you want a practical solution for your existing bathroom, cut it in half and get two bathrooms for the space of one! All you need to do is add necessary fixtures to both sides and you’ll have double the bathroom space without taking down any walls.

Consider the plumbing

The easiest and cheapest way to build a new bathroom is to connect it to the already existing plumbing, because adding certain elements can be super expensive. All of the fixtures like toilets, drainage and water supply have to be connected and/or adapted to the existing plumbing network, which is something you shouldn’t try to do yourself. In some countries, like Australia, the regulations make it clear that it is illegal to carry out home plumbing work if you are not a licensed or registered professional. Luckily, there are reputable plumbing services in Sydney with experts who can handle your bathroom addition with ease.

Ventilation is a must-have

No matter the location, fixtures and your style, every bathroom needs ventilation. So, if you can add a new bathroom to a space that already has a window, that’s great. A window will not only provide you with ample ventilation, but also give you some natural lighting. But, if you just can’t spare such a space, you’ll need to install a duct fan, so keep that in mind.

Think with weight in mind

If you’re adding a new bathroom upstairs, make sure your floors can handle the extra weight. A new bathroom with all necessary fixtures can weight almost 20 pounds per square foot, so check if your floors can handle it.

Go all out with luxury

A powder room is a great opportunity to be very bold when it comes to interior design. They are small and it won’t take a lot of money, time and effort to make them look fun and special. A dramatic powder room will definitely wow your guests or leave your potential buyers in awe.

Don’t forget the permits

If you want to make sure your new addition is up to code, don’t hesitate to get necessary permits for the work. Every city and state has different building codes, but you can always ensure your new bathroom is legal and that you have the necessary height, width and amount of space around fixtures. Getting permits will cost you some money and time, but in the end, it will all be worth it. You’re guaranteed that you’ll get a quality and safe final product. Plus, if you ever decide to sell, most buyers feel a lot better when they know the work was inspected and they won’t have to rip out an illegal DIY project and start from scratch.

All in all, you will never regret adding an extra bathroom to your home. Your space will be much more practical and functional and the price of your property will skyrocket. So, find a neglected spot in your house and give it a new purpose by building a bathroom!

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