6 Laundry Room Organization and Storage Ideas


If you have a laundry room in your home, you are quite lucky as that provides you with an opportunity to be more organized. Having one room designated for all laundry-related tasks is great because you will not have to look for various nooks and crannies where you can fit in your washer, dryer, ironing board and other supplies. However, seeing as how these rooms are usually not huge, how you organize them is vital. So, to help you with this, we came up with some ideas that you should consider implementing. Take a look.

Implement a Sorting System

Do you have a large family and are always in way over your head when it comes to laundry? Try to find ways that will make this whole ordeal much easier. For example, if you have enough space in the laundry room, you can have several hampers clearly labeled so that you’ll have everything sorted just in time for washing. Instruct your family members on which basket is for what – all whites go in one place, wool in another, delicates in a third one and so on. This will allow you to have a great view of the situation and it will be easier to decide what needs washing first.

Organize Your Ironing Station

Bigger laundry rooms allow you to have separate stations for different tasks. So, if you have the space, think about having one corner just for ironing. You can put your board there and all other necessities such as a spray bottle. Use it for folding as well and remember to separate the clothes as you fold them as that will make it easier to deliver them to each room.

Take Care of the Appliances

While this is not strictly an organizational tip, it’s something you cannot afford to overlook. Make sure all the appliances in your laundry room are in good shape. Conduct regular maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly. In order for these appliances to last longer, clean them from the outside and inside as well. In case you notice any issues, you can call a professional to check it out. However, if it’s a smaller issue that you think you can handle on your own, you can easily find washing machine spares online and have them delivered to your home. A washer and dryer that don’t work properly can lead to the clothes having a bad smell or even a tear.

Think of Clever Alternatives

In case your space is on the smaller side, you have to get creative and luckily for you, there are countless options on how to make the most out of your situation. For instance, if you can’t find enough room to have a fixed ironing board, you can consider a laundry cart. This handy mobile station can be used as a board as well as storage for all other laundry essentials. And the wheels allow you to move it wherever you please or need it. Furthermore, to utilize the space to the fullest, you can also hang rods from the ceiling and have a place to dry those items that can’t go into the dryer.

Utilize the Walls and Doors

Another thing you can do if your laundry room is small is make use of the walls and doors. Every room has those unutilized corners that we all neglect. However, you can use them to create various shelves and cabinets that can be quite handy for storing cleaning equipment, laundry supplies and basically everything you need hidden. On the other hand, you can find some over-the-door storage options which are usually quite inexpensive and will let you keep everything organized and easily accessed.

Get Various Baskets and Jars

To keep everything neat and tidy, you can also turn to baskets and jars. For example, baskets can be used to keep supplies organized and separate. Designate one basket to mismatched items. You can even mount a box on the wall and collect lint easier. Jars of all sizes can be used to hold laundry pods or detergent as well as clothespins.

As you can probably tell by now, there are many hacks that will let you keep your laundry room organized, you just have to find some inspiration. Hopefully, this did the trick and you are ready to get organizing.

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