5 Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Peaceful Sanctuary


Your home is your temple and you should do everything in your power to make it even better. The home is the place where you want to relax from the busy day at work, and get ready for tomorrow. In order to transfer your living space into a peaceful sanctuary, you’ll need to pull up your sleeves and start redecorating. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do any heavy lifting, but if you do, make sure to call someone strong to help you. Take a look at the tips below since those can be very valuable once you start redesigning your house.

Think about fragrances

The first thing you come across when entering the house is its smell. Make sure everything smells fresh with a bunch of scented candles and air fresheners. Get your lighter and make an instant tranquil atmosphere in your home. Research for stress relieving fragrances such as sandalwood, chamomile, ylang ylang and, of course, lavender. You can go with above-mentioned candles, but you can go an extra mile and purchase aromatherapy oils which can be used with heat lamps. When it comes to using fragrances, you should focus on the living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Create a place for reading

First of all, you’ll need a cozy armchair so go ahead and find the perfect one. Next, find a quiet corner near the window and place the chair there so you can have enough daylight while reading. On the other hand, proximity to the window will allow you to enjoy looking at your garden or neighborhood. Install a cool bookcase near the chair and fill it with your favorite titles. To make this reading corner perfect, you just need a few more pillows, reading lamp and a warm blanket. Feel free to spend a lot of time in the chair reading, meditating, writing or just enjoying the music.

Bring in nature

It is hard to relax in modern sterile houses. If you want to create a peaceful living space you should consider bringing in some pine cones, pebbles, and shells. Those little natural objects will remind you about the great time you had in the countryside or at the beach. Don’t stop there, but get yourself some wooden bowls and stone tiles. The more natural items you have in your home, the more relaxed and satisfied you’ll feel. Don’t forget to buy some colorful flowers and green plants. Their color will calm you down after a hard day.

Take care of the colors

The best path toward calming living space is through colors. Make sure to choose calming palettes. You can’t mistake with soft blue, pastel pink, earthy tones or even light green. If you are not sure what and how to do, feel free to seek help from some professionals like ColourLife Sydney Painters, and they’ll be happy to assist. If you don’t want all your home to be soothing, you should try by combining red, yellow and orange in your kitchen or bathroom. Those will surely provide you with a burst of needed energy.

Decluttering is the key

Any other improvement of your home will be redundant if you’re not organized. Regardless of your dedication, some level of clutter will exist in your house. If you don’t know where to start, just go ahead and pick up big black bag. Start tossing stuff in it. Throw out all accumulated mail from the counter or coffee table. Make sure to get rid of the old magazines, useless papers, and items. If you don’t want to throw away some of your stuff, you can organize a yard sale and earn some extra cash. Another way to declutter your home from stuff you're not using is to pay a visit to a local charity and help those in need. Go through all your closets and cabinets and decide what needs to stay and what must go. Once you’re done, you’re going to feel much lighter and your house will become a better place to live in.


As you can see it’s not that hard to transfer your home into a calming sanctuary. It would be great if your family members and friends came to help while redecorating. That way, all of you will spend a great day together and you’ll have a chance to repay with a tasty dinner. Don’t hesitate, take some time and invest it in redesigning your home, so you and your loved ones can enjoy it.

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