5 Ways Modular Homes Could Help the Housing Crisis


Despite the UK government promising to build 300,000 homes every year until 2025, unfortunately, the current sector can only deliver 190,000 – with too few of these being affordable housing. 

In fact, research has uncovered that in 2017 – a year where 1.2 million people were on a waiting list for affordable or social housing – the government only managed to build 5,380 homes of this nature. 

With the UK housing crisis growing evermore, Insulation Express have uncovered a possible solution: a focus on modular housing: https://www.insulationexpress.co.uk/blog/modular-housing-answer-uk-housing-crisis/

5 Ways Modular Homes Could Help the Housing Crisis

  1. They’re much quicker to build than traditional homes, therefore making the government’s 2020 goal easier to achieve.
  2. They’re cheaper than traditional builds, yet higher quality. Prices start from £30,000.
  3. Poor weather can’t hamper construction as the buildings are manufactured inside factories overall reducing the number of days that work can’t take place due to rain or snow.
  4. As modular homes are manufactured on a production line, unskilled workers can gain jobs, therefore, making it easier to recruit. 
  5. Modular homes are better for the environment as they use less power to produce and can be installed using the latest eco-friendly technology.

For the full article: Insulationexpress.co.uk


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