5 Types of Outdoor Decking For Your Garden

Outdoor decking comes in several different options, allowing you to create a custom look for your outdoor space. When you select the right decking materials, you can transform your home and make it into the relaxing sanctuary you always wanted to be. You can also transform the space so that it works better for you functionally by providing an area for you to entertain your guests. Selecting a deck for your outdoor space should be an investment that will last for years to come. Selecting high quality decking materials that are resistant to damage is a good first step and can make life easier when it comes to maintenance. Here are 5 various types of decking materials that are available.

1. Pressure-treated Wood

Decking that is made from pressure-treated wood is designed to stand up to damage against insects and rotting. This decking is made from fir and is a good option for a low-cost project. In addition, treating agents such as copper are used so that they are less toxic (emitting fumes only when burned). Stains can be used to improve the colour of this material. It will last for years to come with proper staining and refinishing every year.

2. Redwood

Decking made from redwood is lightweight and is simple to install. However, redwood can be expensive. It is essential to select only decking that is made only from cream-coloured sapwood. Darker-coloured redwood has natural resistance to rot. 

3. Cedar

Cedar is a top choice for decking because it is affordable. It is also designed to last for years to come with only low maintenance required.

4. Vinyl

PVC is the most common type of outdoor decking. It is virtually maintenance free. There are several colours available including grey, brown, tan and white. In addition, PVC also comes in a premium version that has a cellular core with an outer PVC layer for greater durability.

5. Composite

Composite is made from recycled polyethylene and wood fibre. This type of decking is simple to maintain and looks great. It is designed to look like real wood.

If you are trying to decide which option is the right decking material for your deck, a carpenter can help. Click here to get your free quotes today!

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