5 Simple Tips to Create Shade in Your Yard

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Although it sounds completely counter-intuitive, yards and patios often end up used very little during the summer. In your imagination, it sounds like heaven – spending time outdoors, and enjoying the warmth. In reality, it ends up an uncomfortable mixture of sweat and sunburn, until you finally relent and go back into the cool safe haven that is your air-conditioned home. However, all your yard or patio needs is a little bit of shade to transform the whole experience into exactly what you imagined. So, what are some of the easiest and most effective ways to create some much-needed shade? Let’s take a look!

A green paradise

Greenery is certainly the most gorgeous way to create shade, although maybe not the fastest one. A combination of shrubs and trees creates the best effect – a deep, soothing cool. Obviously – this solution takes patience, but it’s also the most lasting in the long run. Trees with a large canopy can even eventually start throwing shade on your house, making the inside more pleasant too. Make sure to do your research to find out which fast-growing trees create the thickest shade.

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A romantic pergola

Pergolas are an amazing, long-lasting choice that gives any yard or patio a sophisticated look. It’s up to you whether you want to go full-on romantic with vines and ivy, or if you prefer the easier maintenance of canvas. Pergolas have definitely come a long way in recent years. Nowadays, they take almost no time to set up, and are fully automated, controlled remotely using your smartphone. A quality retractable roof pergola is definitely the simplest way to create an awesome-looking, practical, shady seating area in your yard.

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Practical shade sails

Shade sails are generally a cheap and sturdy option. Perhaps not the prettiest one, but this solution is easy to install, and relative to the price, you can get a lot of use out of them – of course, provided you opt for quality, weather resistant materials. Nowadays shade sails come in many different colors and patterns, so it should be simple to find ones that match with your home design vibes. While you can try to install shade sails by yourself, bear in mind that it might be more difficult than it seems.

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A cheap parasol

If you just have a tiny patio but want to utilize it to its full potential, maybe just a simple parasol would do the trick. Obviously, the cheapest solution is a parasol and it is a good option also because, unlike other items on our list, it’s also portable. This makes it practical even for homeowners who have big yards and like using different parts of it from time to time. If you’re opting for a parasol, invest in a sturdy, premium quality one which will last you several years. Make sure your parasol is made from weather resistant materials, and that it’s big enough to throw enough shade to protect you from harmful rays during hot days. Parasols are also a popular choice of pool owners for obvious reasons.

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A pretty pop-up canopy

Pop-up canopies can look very elegant, especially when you choose a light, summery color. Apart from protecting you from the sun, they also provide effective cover from the light rain. Bear in mind though that they are not made for more extreme weather. A strong wind can blow a canopy over if it’s not properly secured.

With just a bit of shade, you can turn your yard into a usable outdoor space for barbecues, family gatherings and parties. Why not spend this summer dining al fresco every evening and sipping your iced coffee in fresh air every morning?

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