5 Online Resources to Help Redesign Your Home

The design and style of your home will determine how comfortable you feel while spending time in the space. Over time, the interior setting can begin to get outdated once new trends reemerge. If you're ready to redesign your home and show it off to your guests, there are a few online resources to use to make it a smooth and successful process.

1. eHow.com

eHow.com is the perfect place to learn how to hang curtains properly or create a gallery wall when transforming the design of your house. There are a variety of DIY projects that are available when you want to learn how to upholster a headboard or revamp old furniture to ensure that you can transform your living area. eHow.com is an ideal resource for those who are looking to have more of a hands-on approach to decorating and are on a budget. The step-by-step articles and tutorials make it easy to start and complete projects as a beginner.

2. BHG.com

BHG.com offers a complete guide to decorating the inside and outside of your home, whether you're planting a new garden or are wanting to make your living room look luxurious. Their ideas are trendy and classic for modern homes that can look professionally designed. When you want to find the right theme for your entryway or are needing ideas on the type of artwork to use on your walls, BGH.com has fun ideas that work with different styles and personalities. You'll learn more about the rules of interior design and how to make use of what you already have.

Many of the articles that are posted are also seasonal to ensure that you learn how to decorate for each holiday and get a few ideas.

3. Ikea Kitchen Planner

Ikea Kitchen Planner will allow you to preview appliances and determine how to redesign your kitchen while entering the specific dimensions of the room. Due to major mobile application development renovations, you can check out different organizational products that are available to make it a functional area that will allow you to cook and clean with ease. You'll get more ideas while using the planning tool to ensure that you're satisfied with the layout before investing in the project.

4. HGTV.com

You can visit HGTV.com to obtain various resources that help you to redesign specific rooms in the house. You'll get the chance to watch how-to videos that explain each step and will also provide you with many ideas to create a unique space that isn't overly trendy. Multiple message boards are also available where visitors can discuss how to remodel their bathroom or the best furniture to use in an entryway. You can have real conversations with other individuals to get ideas and also offer suggestions. The website will allow you to be a part of a community that will inspire you to take your decorating up a notch.

5. VoiceofColor.com

Womansday.com lists Voiceofcolor.com as one of the top websites on the Internet to choose the perfect paint colors to use throughout your interior setting. Although repainting can be overwhelming, you can feel confident with your color choices by visiting the website to narrow down your options by taking quizzes and tests that are available. The website will create a personalized color scheme that is specific to your interests and personality to ensure that your house can feel like a home. They'll also offer other color choices that match the main colors you choose to ensure that your home is balanced and that all the rooms blend well.


Redesigning your home doesn't have to be a complicated or stressful process. By visiting various websites online, you can make choices that you feel confident in while transforming the setting into a beautiful and contemporary environment.


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