5 Fixes That Will Give Your Old Kitchen a Fresh New Look


You’re organizing a family dinner and as soon as you start preparing, all these little faults seem to pop-up everywhere. Suddenly, you notice that your sink has gone rusty, your cupboards are worn out and your dining table couldn’t be in worse shape. This scenario often happens when you neglect your kitchen for a while, and it’s an obvious sign that it needs refreshing.

Before you panic and decide on renovating the whole place, try out some of these handy decorative tips to help your kitchen shine with a brand new glow.

An everyday eat-in area

Having a dining table is always a good idea in case you have friends and family over for dinner, but it’s mostly inconvenient using a table for 12 during your everyday meals. If you don’t have an adjustable dining table, then think about designing yourself a small, eat-in area. All you need is a counter and a couple of bar-height stools to create a perfect on-the-go dining atmosphere. This is especially convenient for smaller families and couples living alone.

If you are short on kitchen space, there are ways to go around this problem. Use a free wall as support for a simple, rectangle wooden panel, and put it high enough for the bar chairs to hide beneath, once you finish eating. Keep in mind that small living requires creative solutions.

Your sink might be sinking

Sinks aren’t always easy to replace, and most of the sink is like that part of a floating iceberg beneath the water. If something goes wrong, you’re unlikely to notice it until it’s too late. Besides the installations, problems also occur with metal sinks that are very prone to rust, while ceramics are easily cracked. If you want to get a truly durable sink, then installing a Butler sink is the best way to go.

Besides being a great accent piece in any country styled kitchen, these sinks are made from fireclay, which is an extremely heat-resistant and non-stainable material. With an abundance of options to customize your tapware, you can achieve that stunning French provincial look by adding just a touch of brass.

Follow the trace of your hands

Think about what you touch most in the kitchen. The answer is – knobs and handles. Due to intensive rubbing, they tend to get worn out and fade in color. The easiest and fastest fix is simply replacing the knobs and your kitchen will instantly look better.

You can choose knobs from various materials, the most popular being glass, metal and crystal. It’s also popular to get your knobs uniquely designed in a shape you prefer. Think of knobs as jewelry on a lady – every girl needs a lovely accessory.

Watch where you sit

Ask yourself this – are you really comfortable at the dining table? If you are experiencing discomfort by the mere thought of it, then it’s time to get some new chairs. Kitchen chairs get worn out the fastest, since we use them a couple of times a day. When checking your chairs’ quality, pay attention to the frame (where you put your hands most) and the endurance of the legs.

It’s a fair reason to give your chairs a makeover just because you think they’re going out of style. This year, a lighter and eco-friendly trend is taking over interior design, so you should be on the lookout for wood and rattan combinations.

Step into the light

If you are tired of squinting at the cutting board, it’s about time you do something about your kitchen lights. Having daily sunlight is only a privilege of those who have windows in their kitchens, but the rest of us have to rely on some tricks to get the favored daylight effect. One way to do so is to use daylight replacement lights, which simulate sunrays and guarantee to make your kitchen a lot easier to work in.

Another way to go is to replace your pendants. Choosing a large pendant as a bold statement piece has been very popular this year, especially in fiber and rattan. The perfect height to place your pendant is about 28″ to 34″ above your counter. Combine this fabulous pendant with daylight bulbs and you’ve got yourself a full package.

Remember that not all adjustments have to be expensive and big. Sometimes a bit of detailing, a flower in a vase or simply letting some light in can completely change the atmosphere of a room. It’s not that hard to give your kitchen a makeover it deserves.

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