5 Dos and Don'ts When Boosting Your Curb Appeal


Are you looking to boost the curb appeal for your home? Wondering if some outdoor maintenance can improve your chances of getting a quick sale? The truth is that most potential buyers of a home will come by to look at the home from the side of the road, and these first impressions can be vital.

What are some of the dos and don’ts of boosting curb appeal?

Don’t Ignore Night Appeal

This is a sin which is committed way too often when people are trying to sell their house. Often, the times when people get to drive by and take a look at your home are likely to be evenings. If your home is poorly lit and looks dark and dingey by night then it is important to take action. You can easily spruce it up with some solar lights or address any issues you find when doing a ‘night curb appeal’ exercise as explained in this article. This is basically a look at your home from the roadside in the evening.

Do Add Porch Decorations

The doorway and the porch are among the first things our eyes are drawn to when we look at any home. It is natural to be drawn to the entrance as this is where we normally head when we arrive at a house. Making this area look particularly nice can add a lot of curb appeal and doesn’t have to cost a huge amount of money.

This list has 10 great ideas which are mainly simple, cheap and effective. Once the “For Sale” signs go up, make sure you take a couple of hours to spruce up the porch, this can be very appealing for potential buyers both consciously and subconsciously.

Do Embrace Nature

Many people have an idyllic view of their future home as embracing nature and having a nice garden. Nice trees or even simple planters can have a calming effect and make your front yard look like a more appealing space to spend time. This guide has tips on both embracing nature and making a tranquil and calming outdoor space.

Try and include nature in a way that doesn’t seem like hard work for potential owners. Low maintenance is appealing, too! Complicated water features or excessive planters and exotic plants can be a little offputting if the potential home buyer thinks of the work this may create from them. Not everybody has green fingers.

Don’t Make Huge Statements with Design

If you want to paint your home lime green with bright red detailing then be warned that the sale process might become more difficult! Even though people know there will probably be a few things they want to change when they move in, getting rid of big statements like a loudly painted wall can be intimidating. They are likely to keep looking and go for a different option.

Even if someone is in theory willing to look past loud designs and thinks they can change them, it can be that such a big statement can detract from other benefits the home may have. It could be that they would really fall in love with the front yard but are distracted by garish furniture or decoration.

Do Take a DIY Approach to Cleaning

As is so often the way, the least fun jobs are often the most essential! Cleaning your outdoor space is vital to improving the way your property looks. The amount of times people ignore the outdoor space when trying to sell a home is crazy. You wouldn’t have a house viewing without vacuuming and doing the washing up, so don’t let potential buyers see a dirty wall or overgrown garden.

Cleaning and tidying up can be done over the course of a weekend or two. It isn’t fun, but chipping away at the task gradually can make it much less of a challenge. If you know your home is going on the market, do the cleaning over time before it is time to sell. A pressure washer to clean your walls and any pavements or other brickwork can be very helpful, and simple tasks like mowing the lawn and pruning trees and bigger plants also make a big difference. Get an eagle-eyed friend to run the rule over your yard and see if they can spot anything that needs cleaning. Sometimes we can get used to the messy hedge or the dirty fence!

Wrapping Up

Have you enjoyed our tips for boosting the curb appeal of your property? Feel free to comment and share further useful tips, or let us know if these have been helpful for you. If you know a friend who is struggling to sell, why not share this article with them to help them out?

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