5 Design Trends for Commercial Interiors


From revolutionised office environments to restaurants and cafés with distinctively intricate designs, commercial spaces have welcomed some of the most inspiring design trends with a bang. Since they represent a certain business, commercial spaces should feature customised looks that will portray company’s values, combining aesthetic appeal with functionality and unique brand signatures. Several mesmerising trends have come to the forefront, bringing innovative and charming designs to commercial interiors.

Celebrate ecological design

The recent tendency towards bringing nature inside has transformed into a full-grown biophilic trend. Whether it’s an innovative office space, a chic hotel or a mesmerising museum, it seems that nature has a special place in all of them. This green initiative has taken many forms in commercial interiors, focusing on sustainable materials, lush greenery as decorations, the use of renewable resources, energy-saving fixtures and other green features. An increasing number of commercial spaces are welcoming rooftop gardens, green walls, plants, natural and organic materials and natural light as a way to create a peaceful, inspiring atmosphere that exudes balance and harmony. Not only does the ecological design have soothing appeal, but it’s also extremely popular among clients and employees, enabling them to bring serenity to their lives.

Use design as a brand statement

While ecological design can promote a business as eco-friendly, homey comforts can send a message that a company cares about its employees and clients. The bottom line is that modern design is used to reflect a company’s unique identity, promote brand awareness and convey its values and culture. Commercial interiors are embellished with brand-related decorations, company’s colours and authentic artwork. However, creating a brand-conscious space might be challenging, requiring a professional touch. Branded design is closely related to other business aspects, combining all relevant details. For instance, experienced Studio X experts focus on developing a company’s unique brand identity both physically and digitally, implementing authentic, bold and innovative design solutions. From design factors to online presence, every single detail matters when it comes to company branding.

Bring the spa to the restrooms

Over the recent years, home design has been marked by the trend of creating spa-like bathrooms. Well, it seems that this trend has found its way into commercial interiors, as well. Commercial restrooms have also welcomed the spa-like atmosphere, featuring an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity. Featuring lush materials, bright whites, extravagant details and authentic accessories, commercial restrooms have become as important as the rest of the interior. While some commercial spaces use unique styles to add their personal touch to their restrooms, others opt for a simple, yet infinitely sophisticated designs. Nonetheless, what they all have in common is that inspiring ambience of relaxation.

Furnish commercial spaces with homey comforts

While offices are often seen as second homes to some employees, others enjoy visiting cosy cafés with a homey vibe. Even stores have adopted that inviting atmosphere that is only found in the cosiest and most intimate places. This has been the result of a trend that has made commercial spaces more home-like. Nowadays, you can see offices with lounge chairs and cosy relaxation areas, fully-equipped kitchens and even shower areas. Restaurants and cafés have also embraced a more intimate atmosphere, furnishing their interiors with cosy throws, comfy cushions and subtle lighting. Even retail spaces have a homier look, featuring comfortable seating areas, interactive tablets and stunning fitting rooms. Commercial interiors have embraced this trend in order to provide their clients, tenants and employees with the highest level of comfort.

Think smart, but wireless

Technology is the crucial component of commercial interior designs, boosting their functionality and accessibility. However, smart tech features are integrated into the design itself, blending in with the overall atmosphere. Wi-Fi hotspots can now be found in hotels, offices, museums, retail shops and other commercial spaces, enabling their visitors to stay connected at all times. Wireless technology is implemented in commercial interiors to ensure maximum convenience for clients and employees.

Commercial design trends are diverse, eco-friendly, convenient and brand-oriented, enabling each company to develop their own identities and designs that will reflect them.

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