5 Check for Your BTO Flat After Getting the Keys


If you have just gotten the keys for your new BTO flat, you should make sure to do a quick check before getting started with moving in. By doing a quick check, you can avoid any potential problems that should have been reported immediately. Here are 5 of the most common items to make sure to check.

1. Check the Keys

Start by checking the keys to make sure that they work in all of the doors. Sometimes keys may not work due to a cutting error so it is important to check this right away. Don't forget to check the key for your letterbox.

2. Make Sure the Lights Work

Start by turning on all of the lights to make sure that they work just fine. Watch out for blown out lights or any problems with the starters. If the wiring for the lighting is hidden, you should just check to make sure that everything has been wired properly.

3. Check the Water

You can check to make sure that the water is working properly by turning on all of the taps, faucets and showers in the home. Let the water run for a bit to see if there are any chokes. If the water is not functioning properly, chances are that something is blocking it. You will also want to check the drain on the floor by bringing a hose with you and putting it into the sinks tap in order to flood the floor. The water should drain quickly unless there are potential issues.

4. Open All of the Windows

You should make sure to open all of the windows in order to make sure that they are working properly. Pay special attention to the handles and locks to guarantee that they are properly installed. If you are sensing a bit of resistance, it is important to remember that the handles will loosen up over time. 

5. Look for Defects

Just because your flat has just been built does not mean that everything in it is new. You should look for any potential defects including cracks and rust so that you can report them right away. In addition, check window rubber linings to ensure that they have not become dried up or rotted.

By checking your new home over carefully for problems you can ensure that everything will continue to work fine once you move in. 


If you need additional help with your BTO flat, check with the HDB and they will be able to provide you with additional recommendations for your situation.

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