5 Budget Ideas for your Home Remodel

Deciding to remodel your home can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you need to think about the numbers and how much the overall project is going to cost. Materials, contractors, and unexpected expenses that pop up during the project can cost you significantly more than originally anticipated. You can have the remodel you want at a price you can afford with these five ways to save on your remodel.


1. Buy used materials

Everything you buy for your remodel doesn’t need to be brand new. Some resale stores sell used fixtures, countertops, cabinets and other items at up to 50 percent less than retail prices. Ensure that your contractor will allow you to purchase your own materials since liability concerns can steer them away from completing the project without supplying their own materials. A DIY project has no limitations on the items you can buy and customize. An auction is another place where you can get great deals on used materials in excellent condition. Inventory at auctions ranges from overstock items to items that are scratched or weren’t what the original buyer wanted. Take your time to go to a few different auctions to get a feel for what is available and how you can use it in your remodel project.


2. Inquire about your Contractor’s Stock

Ask your contractor if they have any materials left over from other jobs that they can use for your project at a discounted price. Whether the materials came from someone planning on a Phoenix moving venture or someone who simply changed their mind for the look they wanted, the contractors may be eager to get rid of excess materials and give you a small price reduction too. Know what you want, but be willing to bend a little bit on color or material if it allows you to do more with less. You might get some new ideas for the project that hadn’t crossed your mind during the initial planning for the project.


3. Put some Sweat Equity in

You may not be able to complete the total remodel on your own, but there are some steps you can take to cut down on your costs of the remodel. Take out your old counters, add insulation or pick up old materials. Cleaning up takes time, and if you can do it yourself to save some money there’s no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity to save.


4. Use Similar Looks

You might not be able to afford the exact item you want, but imitation items can give you the look you want without breaking your bank. Instead of hardwood, opt for a laminate that looks like hardwood and can be laid down in planks and sheets. This simplifies the installation process and gives you more options than there used to be.


5. Go for Stock Sizing

Stick with the stock sizes for materials if possible to avoid extra costs for custom sizing. Modifications take time and edges and cuts might not always come out as clean and smooth as you anticipated. Keep this tip in mind for cuts of wood and sizes of doors and windows. Custom fabrication can add hundreds to your overall remodel costs.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your remodeling and get estimates from a number of contractors. Don’t rush with the first idea you get without shopping around and contemplating all the options available to you. Taking the time and willingness to be flexible will have your wallet thanking you at the end of the project.


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