5 Affordable Kitchen Redesign Ideas


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Thinking about redesigning your kitchen? Remodeling a kitchen can be quite expensive. Most homeowners prefer to improve the usability and aesthetics of their kitchen without incurring costly structural changes. There are, indeed, several ways homeowners can improve a kitchen without bringing down walls or ripping off the old kitchen island. Here are several highly budget-friendly ideas to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank:

1. Hide Faded or Outdated Cabinets with Bright White Paint

The costs of renovating your kitchen can really jump high if you are planning on replacing aging kitchen cabinets. But there’s a far less costly solution: paint. Rather, bright white paint. White paint is great at giving even the oldest things a shiny new look. White paint will cover up faded or jaded shades in the original version without much of a hassle. Additionally, you can give your kitchen a crisp look or even coastal vibes with white paint. For the best looks, wash and prime the cabinets before painting. Add final touches with semi-gloss white paint for breathtaking results.

2. Add Brighter Lights

Is your kitchen too bland and dingy? Then a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up the overall atmosphere of the kitchen is to add brighter lights. It goes more than replacing warm light bulbs with bright LED ones. Consider replacing aged light fixtures and add more lights, especially under the kitchen cabinets. Adding lights to the upper cabinetry doesn’t cost much, but the results can be remarkable. Your kitchen will be a brighter, more pleasant place to cook and dine at. If possible, try to improve natural lights by removing obstacles in front of windows. But natural light won’t reach some places under the cabinets and shelves. Therefore, go ahead to give your kitchen an illumination makeover.

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3. Upgrade Appliances, Don’t Move Them

Do you want to move the dishwasher to a different area of the kitchen to improve space? Perhaps the stove needs moving as well? If you are on a serious budget, then this is not a good idea at all. According to some architects, moving an appliance in a kitchen could cost homeowners as much as $5,000 each! Therefore, keep the existing plumbing system and wall outlets to save money. If the dishwasher is taking too much space, it might be a better idea to get a smaller, compact one. Buying a new dishwasher would cost around $1,000, which is far less than what you would have to spend to move it.  

4. Use Cheaper Flooring Material

If you want to redo the kitchen flooring, consider inexpensive flooring material. For example, sealed cork is a great option for kitchen floors. The material is easy to clean and feels great under bare feet. You don’t have to always go with more expensive tile options for the kitchen. Additionally, if you have wooden flooring, you may not have to replace it at all. Consider refurnishing to improve looks and fix problems without having to bear the costs of buying a brand new floor.

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5. There’s No Rule That Says Countertops Have to be Granite

Most homeowners spend a fortune on granite countertops when there are equally aesthetically pleasing alternatives that are much cheaper. For starters, instead of buying expensive granite slabs, you can order much cheaper granite remnants to make the countertops. The final product does not look any different from slab granite countertops despite the significant cost difference. Ceramic tile designed to look like granite is also a cheaper but similar pleasing budget option for countertop do-overs.

Don’t go into debt remodeling your kitchen. Consider the above options to save money and dramatically improve your kitchen at the same time.

Image Source: Pexels

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