4 Tips to Help You Set Up a Romantic Getaway in Your Bedroom


Summers in Australia are amazing, but they’re almost unbearably warm, and people often feel the need to escape both the heat and the crowds. Even though family gatherings and barbeques with friends are lovely, they can also be exhausting, and sometimes all you want is some peace and quiet. Every now and then we want to escape the crowds and focus on our partners, but not everyone has the means to afford a romantic getaway to an exotic island. If you’re hoping to get something similar in the comfort of your bedroom, check out these four tips:

Tidy it up

First things first – you won’t be able to transform your bedroom into a romantic getaway unless you manage to clear it out. It seems as if many Australian homes lack storage space, and as a result, bedrooms are cluttered. It’s high time you considered installing more corner shelves, built-in wardrobes, and staircase drawers, and perhaps even change the way you store things. Every little thing should have its own place, and if you stick to this decision, you will always be able to find the things you need and still keep the place neat. Once you declutter your bedroom, you will be able to see its full potential and you’ll have more space to work with.

Spice it up

After a few years of comfortably sleeping on your bed, its charm might be lost and it can become a bit boring. It’s very good for you as well as for the room to change things from time to time, and to find new ways to freshen up the space. There is no better way to spice things up in the bedroom than to focus on the bed itself and give it a new life. Get rid of your old bed covers, linen, and pillows, and buy a new set of linen made of natural materials such as organic cotton or perhaps bamboo. You could even use a linen spray that will give it a fresh lemon or lavender scent. Also, you may consider buying new decorative pillows in whimsy yellow, light azure, or creamy mint.

Brighten it up

Apart from pleasant scents, both natural light and artificial lighting play an important role in making your bedroom comfortable and they can turn it into the most inviting room in the house. Make sure you open your windows every morning and open the curtains during the day to let more fresh air inside. Every Australian living in the South, however, knows that as important this is, it’s also “mission impossible” between 11 am and 5 pm simply because it’s terribly hot. When looking for the best window blinds Sydney has to offer, choose zebra blinds because they are the best combination of great design and functionality. Once the sun goes down, it’s time to turn on dimming night lights and light a couple of scented candles for a romantic atmosphere.

Colour it up

Many people feel that their bedrooms aren’t inviting enough because the colour scheme is a bit bland and boring. To change this, you could add splashes of colour though these: some pillows on the bed, brightly coloured curtains, fluffy patterned blankets, and embellished photo frames on the bedside tables. Consider repainting your bedroom and give it a more airy feel with a bit lighter shades, which will instantly make it look more elegant.

Somehow, we always wait for warm, long, sunny days to come but once they are here, all you wish is a quiet, cool, hidden place to run away with your partner and to enjoy romantic moments. Sadly, the bedroom is usually cluttered with the things you moved from the living room and it’s often neglected. Perhaps it’s finally time to give your bedroom the treatment it deserves and let it have its full glory.

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