4 Tips for Customizing a Rental


When you think about it, living in a rental isn’t a lot different from living in a house or apartment you own. However, if it feels like there’s something missing in your rental, it’s time to customize it to your wish. While making huge investments isn’t an option since you don’t own the place, it’s best that you stick to minor changes that’ll tailor it according to your own tastes. And we came up with four tips that are guaranteed to help.

Switch up your lighting

The lighting in your rental carries a lot of weight when it comes to the overall looks of it. The only problem is, most rentals are equipped with outdated lighting options that just don’t add any style to the place. Luckily, they can easily be replaced and set aside until you decide to move out. Swap them with more modern lighting options such as pendant lights and geometric chandeliers and you’ll transform the entire place. You can also think about getting free-standing lamps since they don’t require installation and you can bring them with you once you find your own place.

Get home décor items

One of the best ways to give the place your own stamp is to get as many home décor items as you can. This is mostly because these little things reflect who you really are and what’s important to you. The good news is, there are so many home accessories worth investing in. Art is something you just can’t go wrong with. So start by getting a painting or a wall-hung sculpture for your rental. Also, there are porcelain tea sets you can get and add some style to the place. Some other options include mirrors, houseplants, rugs and personal collections.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Depending on what’s the last time the owner has painted the walls, you might want to apply a fresh coat of paint to them. Talk to the owner and see if they’re okay with it. Most likely, they’ll let you choose any colors you want as long as you get the job done yourself. Invite willing friends and family members and start painting your new place. Just don’t forget that color is an extremely powerful tool that can accentuate architectural details in just any home. Choose your colors wisely and your rental will look amazing.

Upgrade the bathroom

A part of your rental that definitely deserves your attention is the bathroom. After all, that’s where you’ll prepare for work every morning. Since you can’t change the tiles or any bathroom fixtures, you can at least try to make your bathroom as cozy as possible. This means you should get a comfy bathroom rug that covers a large portion of the floor. Another thing that can help you achieve the look you want is a ceramic vase with flowers. In case you have a long-term lease, you can also talk to the owner about bathroom re-glazing.

The problem with rentals is that investing too much money isn’t a safe idea since you never know when you might be moving out. In order to avoid losing money, stick to small changes that can give the place a fresh look. The four of these we talked about earlier should help you do exactly that so that you can feel truly at home in your new rental place.

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