4 Tips for Commercial Renovation


Any renovation project comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure, but this is intensified when it is a commercial property relating to your business. Having the best and most efficient premises for your business is crucial in the success of it going forward, and a bad environment can have a serious effect on the running of the company. 

It’s therefore important to make the right decisions during the renovation process, and here’s how. 

  1. Gain Help from Professionals

Enlisting the help of a professional construction company or trustworthy contractors is a must for commercial renovation. You will be pooling a lot of money into the project in order to get the best for the future of your business, and it’s crucial to do your research and find a company with a positive reputation and great reviews.

This is a good investment because contractors can point out alternative methods and identify problems when you may not have this keen an eye yourself. They can also help you to save money by offering a possible cheaper solution for certain aspects of the build. 

  1. Be Energy Efficient and Utility Savvy

As a renovation means that you will be making critical structural changes anyway, take this opportunity to install as many energy efficient items as possible. This could mean installing more energy efficient lights and replacing high-powered ones or making changes to the windows during the construction process to optimise natural light and minimise the need for artificial. Make any chances you can (within budget) to make your commercial space as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

If a heating system has not yet been installed during your renovation process, consider an electric fan heater to ensure that the space gets the heat it needs to maintain during the build. Expert companies such as Fanmaster can offer the perfect industrial electric heater for your renovation needs

  1. Make a Budget and Schedule You Can Easily Stick To 

Commercial renovation comes with the disadvantage that the running of your business might be on hold until all relevant building changes have been done. An alternative might be that you can still manage to run your business, but the renovation will be a serious interruption in the smooth running of things. Either way, imposing a strict schedule (and sticking to it) means you can limit the delay in getting back to business. 

It’s also imperative that you make a realistic budget before you begin any renovation work – and include an extra amount as security just in case anything goes wrong. Ensure you don’t go over budget and stick to what your business can afford. 

  1. Think of Others

You’re not doing this renovation as a personal project – your employees and customers will be affected by the changes, too, and it’s essential to take their views into account at the planning stage. You need to optimise the space to be as comfortable and workable as possible for your staff, and you also need to ensure it’s an inviting and functional place for your customers. 

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