4 Things to Consider When Heating Your Home


Have you ever found that your house is colder than it should be? There are many reasons why your home may not be retaining as much heat as it should be. Additionally, there are certain things that you should consider when heating your home, from how much heat is escaping your house to the style of radiator that you use.

1. Style of Radiator

Although you may think that the type of radiator that you use will not have a large impact on the ability to heat your home effectively, your radiator can make a large impact on your home. Nowadays, there are many different options to consider, from wall-hanging radiators to the traditional style - and even designer radiators. When considering which type of radiator to invest in, you should consider the space you have, your budget and your radiator placement. Column radiators, for example, can suit an array of different properties and styles, as well as saving on space and thoroughly heating your home. Warmrooms provide a range of vertical and horizontal column radiators UK as well as a range of designer radiators and towel radiators for all your heating purposes.  

2. Draughts

When considering how to heat your house most efficiently, you should check the areas of your house which may be prone to draughts. Draughts can negatively affect the heat in your house by sending cold air into your home and reducing the ambient temperature. Not only this, but draughts can also ensure that heat can be lost by escaping through the gaps that draughts come through. By reducing the amount of draughts that your house is susceptible to through means such as using draught stops and door excluders, you can keep your house draught free and save on your heating bills.

3. Servicing Your Boiler

When considering how to save on heating, you should also consider servicing your boiler. If its not running properly, this can lead to it being inefficient, which can go a long way to increasing your heating bill. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should have your boiler serviced. You should have an annual service of your boiler and save both energy and money by ensuring that it is working as efficiently as possible. Additionally, this will also increase its safety and ensure that

4. Insulation

By improving your insulation, you will lose less heat through the ceiling and floorboards of your rooms and ensure that they retain the heat that you pump into them. This will not only keep your house warmer but save you money. You should also consider investing in double glazing in your windows as this can stop heat escaping through the windows and ensures that your house retains heat from one of its weakest points.

When heating your home, there is a number of things that you should consider. Not only should you think about the type of heating that you use, but it is also important to consider options such as insulation and draught stoppers to provide you with the maximum heat possible.

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