4 Stunning Ideas for Your Home Addition Project


If you are thinking about adding to your home, you may have a specific project idea in mind. On the other hand, your mind may be racing with possibilities for this new space. A new home addition gives you the ability to transform the layout of your home with incredible results while improving the functionality of your space profoundly. As you brainstorm wonderful ideas for your project, consider whether these ideas would benefit you in your current situation.

A Guest Cottage

You may entertain out-of-town guests frequently, and this may create cramped quarters for your family and guests alike. Perhaps your children are now grown and you anticipate them returning to visit you frequently in the near future. Building a guest cottage on your property gives everyone space to feel comfortable. An alternative to a guest cottage is to build a small apartment over the garage. Remodeling the basement into a guest area is another idea. A separate or disconnected building may also be used as a home office, a hobby room or something else.

Storage for Large Toys

If you are like many other homeowners, you have at least a few large toys, and you may benefit by building on-site storage for those items. For example, adding an indoor boat storage, a large RV garage or a storage area for jet skis are a few ideas. Rather than create individual spaces dedicated to a specific type of toy, you can always create a very large, enclosed area that is suitable for storing all of your toys on-site in a protected space. Depending on the type of toys that you own, you may incorporate various types of utility connections, storage cabinets and more to make this storage area more functional and practical.

A Sunroom

Some homeowners feel as though their home is not as spacious or airy as they would like. In your own home, you may often feel cramped in a tight family room, or people may want to use the family room for different purposes at the same time. A great home addition idea is to add a sunroom onto your home. Through the addition of a sunroom, you can tear down a wall that is currently contributing to a dark ambiance in part of your home. The brilliant light from the sunroom can spread throughout the adjoining room as well to create beautiful results. By decorating the sunroom with ample seating spaces, you can also create a second family room that your home needs.

A Master Suite

If you feel cramped and unhappy in your master bedroom, this may be a great area to focus your attention on. Your existing bedroom may be turned into a guest room or space for your mother-in-law to move into when the time comes. Your new master suite can be perfectly created to meet all of your needs. Regardless of your preferred style, you can incorporate beautiful decorative materials to bring your vision of a dream bedroom to life. Your new space may have a large walk-in closet with custom features, a huge en-suite bathroom, and even a private sitting area or a loft office.

Adding onto your home can dramatically increase property value because you are adding usable square footage to the home while also improving functionality and aesthetics in some cases. You understandably want to maximize the benefit of a home addition, so you need to carefully review the many options and select a plan that offers superior benefits. You may consider requesting a quote from a contractor for your top ideas in order to make a more educated decision about how to proceed.

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