3 Tips to Spot Fake Contractors

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Construction in Singapore is expected to increase this year with awarded contracts estimated to reach between $26-$31 billion. The improvements are attributed to increased public sector spending and private sector investments. A positive economic outlook and an increased confidence in the property market also contribute to the boom in the construction sector. People are going to renovate homes or upgrade their abodes whether they are selling/purchasing a living space or not. Unfortunately, increased demand for contractors also brings with it a proliferation of scammers waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. If you are planning to renovate your flat or home, learn how to spot scammers out to take advantage of your money and time.

Contractors That Just Show Up at Your Home or Unsolicited Offers

Fake contractors fish for potential victims by showing up uninvited at your home. Whether they have heard from the neighborhood that you are planning to do some works or see that your roof is leaking, they are going to knock at your door and present a great offer. Several years back, people were warned of fake contractors who claimed they were sent by the HDB. Unsuspecting targets were the elderly and they were cheated of their money when unnecessary works were carried out. Hence, if you have not contacted them, do not entertain these scammers.

Offers That Are Too Good to Be True

There are several ways to spot suspicious offers of services. Renovations and constructions cost money so you should be wary of offers and estimates that are way below your expectations. While bargain offers do exist, often, you get what you pay for. Check an estimate very carefully. Do not be afraid to ask questions including type of materials that are going to be used, timetable and delivery schedules, references, past completed works and detailed costs (labor and materials). You would not want to be left in the lurch with a botched renovation, half-finished construction or poor work from a contractor who is just going to scam you. Avoid the con game or losing money. Protect yourself by making sure that your contractor’s services are real, reputable and reliable.

Scare Tactics Are Employed

Scammers are usually pushy because they want you to take the bait and hire them. For example, they might scare you into fixing that gutter or the missing shingles on your roof. They might also insist that you them pay in cash or go without a contract. Remember, paying in cash means that there is no paper trail so you can’t trace them if something goes wrong or that you have no proof that they were paid. Also, without a contract there is no legal basis to run after them in court for liabilities and obligations.

It is very easy to fall prey to fake contractors and scammers if you are anxious to get that renovation or remodeling job completed. However, if you pay attention to the reputation of your contractor, interior designer, or architect, there’s no reason why you should not have a great renovation project completed without losing your savings to scammers.

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