3 tips for your Home Improvement project

So you have decided you want to start a home improvement project? That's great! But before you get started, Kluje.com has a few pointers to get you going in the right direction. A great start is the key to a good finish. 
1. Set your Budget 

Not to take away all the fun of starting a Home Improvement project, but setting your budget early is a good way to set your expectations from the beginning. Depending on the scope of the project you need to make sure you set aside enough money plus a 20% buffer zone for unforeseen expenses and set backs. Don't forget to budget your time as well. Leave enough time to set up, complete and clean up afterwards. I don't recommend starting a large project three days before your family is coming from overseas! Getting this done first ensures the best possible experience in your project. 

2. Search for Inspiration 
The next step should always be searching for inspiration. Undoubtedly, inspiration can come from many places such a magazine articles, television programs, social media posts(you can visit our Facebook page), online searches, or a visit to your friend's newly refinished home. I would recommend using a 'mood board', where you can capture the images and thoughts related to your home improvement project, in an easy to imagine format. This ensures that as the planning progresses you have reference point. 
3. Start Small 
Not all home improvement projects need to involve major hacking and reconstruction! A lot of the time it is the little things. Check this post on Kitchen Remodelling, that suggests easy to implement changes. Another great idea is simply adding a coat of paint to one wall which really can change a room! The options are endless from changing a few pieces of furniture and a fresh coat of paint to cleaning out that spare room and converting it into a home theatre. Its up to you. 
Home improvement is a great way to breathe new life into your home and make it a pleasure just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labours. However, not all home improvement projects can be done by yourself and Kluje.com recommends leaving the tough stuff to the qualified professionals Remember if the job requires you to work with electricity, natural gas, or even plumbing, doing the wrong thing can be catastrophic to both you and your home.

Do you want a contractor to help with your Home Improvement project? 

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