A Pool Liner That Lasts: 3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Above the Ground Pool Liner


Having the pool liners for your above the ground pool is essential to help protect its floor and walls. Pool liners are usually made up of highly resilient synthetic materials such as vinyl. Your pool liners are crucial in extending the life of your pool because they help prevent mould and other damages from external forces.

You need to do regular cleaning maintenance to ensure that your pool liner is clean and safe. A lot of people neglect taking care of their pool liners because they think it’s difficult to do maintenance. This neglect often results in accidents and regrets. Basic cleaning doesn’t take too much time and effort, here are three easy ways to get you started.

You Should Drain Your Pool First

You have to drain out all the water from your pool before you proceed to clean your pool liners. You can do the job using a hose. Next, you can connect the hose to a submersible or sump pump. The pump should then have a hose attached directly into your pool’s drain.

After you attach it to the drain, you have to place the hose on the other end and let the water drain. You can also use a medium-size water pump or a vacuum pump. Thus, you have to pump the water to a safer location such as the sewer. If your pool is small, you can let the water drain unto the soil into your garden or backyard.

After deciding on a correct drainage spot, you can now completely drain the pool using the sump pump. Draining would cost time because it depends on the size of your pool, so you have to be patient. Then after that, you can now prepare the pool liner and could start the correct cleaning process immediately.

Start Scrubbing Your Pool Liner

With your swimming pool drained, you can now start doing the dirty work. Get a large bucket first with warm water inside, then get a liquid soap and mix it with your warm water. You can also use pool liner cleaners which can be bought from stores. Be sure to wear gloves so that your hands are safe when applying any solution.

You can use a washcloth, a durable sponge, or a mop to start cleaning the sides of your pool. You have to start at the sides of your pool and make sure to scrub in a vertical and large motion. After cleaning the sides, you can now proceed with cleaning the surface.

You should avoid scrubbing your pool liner too hard when doing this job because it may cause a scratch and may tear or break the pool liner. Thus, you can use your mop or the scrub brush if you encounter other dirt deposits and stubborn stains.

After you’re done with scrubbing the pool, you can use a hose to wash away all the soap suds on your sides and pool liner.

Refill Your Pool After Cleaning

You need to drain your pool again after you clean its liner to remove the water with dirt. You would need your drainage hose and the sump pump to do the job. Also, you need again to look for a safer location where you can drain the water from your swimming pool.

After completely draining your pool, you can now remove the pump Then, you can now start refilling your swimming pool. Make sure also to turn on your pool’s filter to help remove some of the lingering traces from your cleaning solution from the water.


As with everything we use, we need to do proper maintenance in our pool liners. When you don’t do proper maintenance, your pool can get damaged or worse, can cause injuries to the people who use them.

When cleaning your pool liner, make sure to use gloves for your safety. You should also use light materials such as sponges or a non-abrasive washcloth. Avoid using sharp objects when cleaning your liners as it may cause damage. Follow the tips above and you’ll start to have a more wonderful experience inside your swimming pool.

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