3 Cool New House Technologies


In a world that's constantly changing, the one thing that remains constant is the importance of your family's happiness and safety. The one place your family should feel most secure and loved is within the family home. Unfortunately, dangers from the outside world still find ways to get into your home to reach your family and threaten their safety. Modern technologies for your home can help to increase your family's safety by offering multiple layers of protection and comfort. Below are just three of the cool new house technologies that can make your home safer and more convenient to offer you peace of mind and comfort.

1. Safety In The Home

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be the place that makes you feel safe and protected. Locked doors and curtains with privacy blinds are no longer sufficient measures of security in this world full of threats from criminals who have access to advanced tools to bypass basic security measures. In this day and age of advanced technology, your family's safety should be protected by a home security system that utilizes technology in a proactive and effective way. Home security systems are entirely digital, able to be accessed by your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

There is the usual keypad interface installed on a wall in your home for immediate and convenient access, but security systems now offer many more amenities. The lights in your home can be turned on and off via your account to give your home the illusion of being occupied when you're not at home. The locks to your doors and windows can be remotely activated if you forget to lock them on your way out. CCTV cameras can be installed and viewed remotely so that you can monitor the interior and exterior of your home at any time and from anywhere. Smart home automation has revolutionized home alarm systems to provide the latest in home security and comfort.

2. Voice-activated Personal Assistant

Personal assistants have been a vital component for many people throughout the decades. From CEOs to celebrities, personal assistants ensure that the more mundane aspects of a person's life are completed efficiently and in a timely manner. Modern technology has created the first voice assistant program that can be given voice commands through a home speaker system. A home speaker system manufactured by a voice assistant company gives you access to their voice assistant through voice-activated 'wake words'. This voice assistant can answer questions, play music, check local TV listings, give you a local weather report, search for recipes, and even schedule important reminders on your virtual calendar. Your voice assistant can even dial emergency numbers with a simple voice command so that the police or an ambulance can be at your home in time to save lives or protect your family.

3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

A busy life leaves very little time for the smaller daily chores of sweeping your hardwood floors and vacuuming your carpets. Luckily, advancements in modern technology have created the best robotic helper for your smart home - a robotic vacuum cleaner. These helpful little devices are a modern marvel for those who like to keep a tidy home but lack the time or effort to do it themselves. A robotic vacuum cleaner has a base where it charges its batteries. A digital user interface allows you to set a schedule for the device so that it can clean your home while you're at work. They have electronic sensors to detect walls and tables so that it can clean along edges and not get stuck. Once its vacuuming job is done, it will return to its base to power down and recharge until its next task.

While it's natural for people to fear things of a new and unknown nature, advancements in technology don't have to be something to be feared. Instead, they should be embraced. Your home and your life can be infinitely enriched by the addition of smart technologies for both safety and convenience purposes.

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