10 Tips to Maximize Your Retail Space

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One of the keys to running a successful business is to maximize your retail space. Here are ten different ways you can increase your retail space.


Managing Retail Space

  • Many customers tend to move in the clockwise direction, just skimming past the physical obstacles placed. The shelving should be managed to extent and you can even place top quality products on them which will eventually increase your sales
  • Break your store into zones for e.g. If you run a Bakery the Sweets should have a separate zone from the salty products of your bakery.
  • You need to Measure the Total Amount of space available and divide this into Selling areas and Non selling areas.
  • Using corner shelving strategy can be really useful in increasing your space for the store. Placing parallel shelves on the clockwise strategy should probably give a breathing space for customers while they could end up freely touring the store. Here come the corner shelves introducing multiple design shelves which are inwardly designed to maintain retailing space.
  • Bring in light furniture which doesn’t stack up to much.


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Designing it to Perfection

  • Paint an accent wall, Painting one wall a bold color is an affordable and effective way to not only spice up the space, but also to make it look larger. A bold colored wall creates the illusion of receding in space.
  • Displaying items on unique and intruding places like from the ceiling and on the walls can ultimately matter in the sight of space illusion, hanging shelving at different levels is the easiest way to achieve this effect. You also can mount drapes and other items from the ceiling to the floor to draw the eye up and create the sense of a larger space.
  • Always remember to use different colors to your design and furniture which eventually gives a better look and shows a relatively more space which can be really helpful. Distribute the variety of eye catching colors to your furniture such as red, grey, black and purple and shelving.
  • Illumination should be up to the Maximum. Lighting is important in any retail shop, but it's particularly critical in tight quarters. If a corner of your store is not well lit, that square footage is as good as lost so make sure you cover up your store with beautiful illuminations so your store can look more beautiful as well as spacious. Using different varieties of bulbs and lamps and essential which will eventually give a better look and add up to the space the customer sees which will make the store more attractive to roam in bringing in a raid of customers.
  • Divider cases (Bookcases) can be very useful in increasing your retail space because they tend to accumulate a pinch of a space and provide a dimension of space to be filled inside them giving the shop an exquisite look.


Good luck and have fun redesigning you retail space!

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