10 Most Creative Terrarium Ideas For Home Decoration


Creative setup can add a spark to your home decor. If you are looking for some creative ideas to decorate your home, then do try the terrarium. A Cluster of things and plants together in a glass jar, bowl or kettle can add a contemporary touch to your room. If innovation is what excites you, then here are 10 most creative terrarium ideas for home decoration.

1. Cake Stand Terrarium

A mix of an ecosystem with plants and natural organisms will enhance your corner in the greenest way. You can arrange it on a cake stand and use a glass lid on the top leaving some room for the sunlight to enter. Small shrubs, plants, and colorful stones can be used in this setup. You have a choice to personalize according to your favorite color.

2. Forest Ready Terrarium

Do you want that feeling of the jungle without going to the place? The set up is pretty clean and relaxed. It will actually help you to feel stress-free. Use a large round jar to set up a miniature version of forest or replicating an idea that works for you. DIY option can also help you get more creative with the look.

3. Waterfall Terrarium

If you love nature and waterfalls, then you can create a miniature waterfall terrarium in a large glass bowl. Simply set it up with rocks, plants, and water. This unique idea will not only make your corner look beautiful but you will also receive some wonderful compliments from your guests. It is as creative as it can get.

4. Fairy Garden Terrarium

Wonderful looks and pretty things can attract anyone. If you want that contemporary look, opt for a fairy garden terrarium. Set this in a round glass bowl with a table and chair, a pretty home and some plants. This ideal look will gel well with your home decor. The idea can be implemented according to your imagination as well.

5. Short Glass Terrariums

If you like to keep it simple then this one is for you. Place a plant you love with some stones and sand in a short glass and do not forget to decorate it with colors. You can place this terrarium piece on your coffee table or dining table. Simple things can also look great at times.

6. Spice Jar Terrarium

This is perhaps the most creative terrarium that you can think of. It is a simple setup in a jar that can be customized according to your preference.  Sand, stones, and shrubs you love can be arranged in vertical form. The spice jar terrarium looks good at the corner table of your room. So, jazz up your room and enhance your home decor.

7. Feng Shui Terrarium

Do you love the Feng Shui decor? Well, then you can use this terrarium. Setting up a Feng Shui plant with stones is a simple process that can add a spark to your room decor. Feng Shui plant is also good for prosperity and happiness, so you are actually investing in a good thing.

8. Cool Beach Set up Terrarium

As the name suggests, this idea is for beach bums. The set up is simple with beach chair, sand, and some artificial water. Place a lighthouse if you want to add a light effect to your beautiful terrarium jar. This can actually make you feel relaxed. Cool beach set up terrarium is ideal for people who love to experiment with their home decor.

9. Cactus Plant Terrarium

A Simple looking cactus terrarium can also add a great vibe to your room. With a simple stone, sand and cactus setup, this one looks really great. You can also buy a cactus plant terrarium from terrarium figurines Singapore that has some great DIY terrarium kits. Take your pick and enhance your room decor.

10. Light Bulb Terrarium

This one can add a creative touch to your room decor. A light bulb terrarium looks classy when placed in the corner of your room. You can customize it according to your preferred theme. The most common set up in this terrarium is the eco-effect with plants and shrubs.

If you also want to add that lovely creative touch to your room, then choose a terrarium that can add a unique touch to your home decor. Customized options are also available.

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