Turn Your Yard Into An At-Home Ice Skating Rink

Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

Health Fitness Revolution says that ice skating is a great way to keep active for kids and adults. But for most people, it’s a winter activity or something they do occasionally at the local indoor rink. Even if you or your child is serious about hockey or figure skating, chances are getting to and from the rink several times a week is a major time drain. But what if you could skate whenever you pleased, at any time of year, from the comfort of your own home? That’s where a home ice skating rink comes in.

Where To Install Your Ice Rink

If you live in a cold climate, you may consider installing a natural ice rink in your backyard. You can buy an ice rink kit, or make your own with a tarpaulin, planks, and lots of water. However, this kind of ice rink will of course only work in winter, and even slight variations in the weather can affect it. But if you use synthetic ice instead, you can skate any time of year and not worry about your rink getting rained on.

To install a synthetic ice rink, you will need a flat surface. A popular location for a home ice rink is the garage. If you would still like to park your car there, just make sure you buy strong and durable synthetic ice panels. It is possible to set your rink up outdoors if you have a flat area to put it on, such as a deck, driveway, or paved yard. Some synthetic ice rinks are very easy and quick to set up, so you could even pack it away after use.

How To Install A Synthetic Ice Rink

Most synthetic ice sets are very easy to install. Typically, they consist of interlocking panels of dense polyethene. Occasionally, you may need a soft mallet to put the pieces together, but usually, you can just connect them with your hands. If you want to create a border surrounding your ice rink, this is of course a bigger DIY project. But in general, all you have to do is find a flat surface and lay down the tiles! Some synthetic ice rinks consist of a pad that rolls up rather than interlocking panels. However, these are usually intended for ice hockey shooting practice and cannot be skated on. If you want to be able to skate on your rink like on real ice, you will need high-quality ice tiles.

How To Maintain Your Home Ice Rink

When you skate on a synthetic ice rink, your blades glide over the polyethene and create small plastic shavings. For this reason, it is important to sweep your ice rink after each use. For more thorough cleaning, simply mop your synthetic ice rink with warm water. It usually isn’t necessary to use soap or detergent. However, if you do want to use a cleaning product, find one that is neutral or non-foaming. If you are faced with really stubborn dirt, you can pressure wash the panels.

Most synthetic ice is self-lubricating, meaning it does not require maintenance beyond cleaning. In fact, synthetic ice actually tends to become smoother over time. A home ice skating rink is a very simple project with a big payoff. It’s something the whole family can enjoy, and it’s a great way to keep kids active and away from screens. You’ll wonder why you didn’t install one earlier!

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