5 Ways to Make Your House Look Classy on a Budget

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The homes you see on interior décor websites and magazines often look minimalistic, elegant, and fancy, and you can now make your home look just as lovely. Such homes portray the neatness and personalities of their owners and get guests talking. 

Below are five simple home maker tips to help you transform your home into an elegant abode without breaking your bank account.

1. Pick one color pallet

Before you start making any changes to your house, you need to select and stick to one color pallet. One set of colors ensures unity and harmony, thus the minimalist edge that truly chic homes have. You will agree that pink, yellow, red, brown and blue in one house will look more motley, and this is not always good, like a pallet with calm creams.

With such a pallet, you will know what to buy, and you can buy them to make your home look chicer with time. 

2. Hang your curtains tall and wide

Sofa Chairs in Living Room

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Tall curtains look elegant and make your home look more spacious. When the night comes, and it is time to draw them, your home will look way more stylish. What's more, instead of bringing the curtains way too close to the window frame, use curtain rods to hang them higher. 

Even if the fabric on your drapes is not elegant, getting it to match the overall pallet as mentioned above and to kiss the floor slightly will make a huge difference. 

3. Be minimalist

The owners of classy homes do not try too hard, which means that their homes look less cluttered, larger, and minimalistic. It may be great to get a set of dining chairs, table, a rug, chandelier, art, and all kinds of lovely pieces for your dining area, for example. 

However, more minimalist house plans should have only a place to sit and a table plus a bar for cocktails. The result will be more spacious, airy, and you will save so much more! 

4. Accessories

There are so many lovely pieces that you can use to make a more modern house. Throw pillows, a neutral-colored rug, and framed art are a few pieces that you can use to transform your home from bland to grand. The number one rule in the supply house, however, remains: minimalism is key. When buying some furniture, either for functional or decorative purposes, remember that cheap pieces will ruin your overall agenda and will eventually fall apart, making an eyesore. 

The best quality accessories and furniture are in second-hand stores, garage sales, and estate sales, where you can pay affordable prices for them. 

5. Incorporate nature into your home

Most homes owned by A-listers spot lovely plants, flowers, and large glass windows and doors to bring in natural light and expose unbelievable views. You can attempt to bring in nature by freeing up your windows and keeping them open. Avoid keeping the curtains closed or even worse, blocking the window with furniture and using the light even at midday. 

Bed, Sheet, Sleep, Relax, Plant, Room, House

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While flowers may look like an unnecessary expense, they provide a fuller house look. You can get a wonderful bunch of flowers from your grocery store for only $10. By placing them in clean water and vases and changing the water often, you can increase the life of the flowers. 

If you can, bring in some house plants on your terrace house. In addition to making your home look elegant and lively, they will cheer you up.


Your home is one of your most prized possessions and is often a portrayal of your personality. Daily housekeeping (vacuuming, removing spots on rugs, and dusting) should help your home feel airy, fresh, and clutter-free, and will make the statement pieces in your home stand out. 

Do you have something to add to our list? Let us know in the comment section!


Bio: Archie was a builder for more than 40 years. Mainly after his retirement the enthusiastic electrical works in garden and writes for a blog Homemakerguide.com to keep himself occupied. His many years of experience can get you the right tool reviews whether it is a drill, welding machine or so. An impressive fact to note about him is that almost everything in his house is a representation of his skills made by his hands.


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