Tips for Advanced Air Conditioning System Maintenance


An air conditioner is a complex machine that has a lot of moving and fixed parts. It needs regular maintenance and inspection along with immediate repair of faults for proper functioning. Therefore, it is always suggested that you call a professional for air conditioning system maintenance and repairs so as to minimize the chances of any further damage to the unit. It will go a long way in saving costly repairs, return to investment and enhancing the life of the unit.

Advanced Maintenance Tips

For the maintenance of your air conditioning system to enjoy the optimal performance you will need a regular upkeep and for this, you need to hire a professional.  When you call a professional for Air conditioning system maintenance for the advanced maintenance process, the professional expert will follow essential maintenance jobs such as: 

  • Fixing air leaks – If there is any air leaks in the ducts then you will lose at least 30 percent of airflow through it. If you have a window AC unit, then sealing the gaps and holes is really a tough job. The professional will follow the age old ‘smoke trick.’ Foil tape is used to seal small gaps and for the larger one's duct mastic is used. For window AC units, stuff foam and taping is used between the frame and device.

  • Timer and thermostat – The professional will also work on the timer and thermostat without blasting the AC at full tilt. There are a lot of complexities in these elements as there are programmable thermostats installed in most of the modern air conditioning units. As for the modern window units, there are adjustable thermostats and built-in timers. The professional will match the voltage of the device so that the load of the air compressor is reduced.

  • Compressor and condenser:  Located outside of your building close to the foundation this needs maximum maintenance, cleaning, and protection from direct sunlight.

  • Unclogging the drain tube: As a part of regular air conditioning system maintenance, the professional will also unclog the condensate drain tube. This will prevent any water leaking in or creating a puddle under the unit while it is running. A clogged condensate drain tube will not only reduce the functionality and performance but will also act as a potential breeding place for bacteria. These bacteria will not only clog the condensate pan drain tube but will also pose serious health hazards In addition to that they will also check the insulation of your home to reduce cold air escaping from the interior resulting in excess workload on the compressor of the unit.

  • Sealing the gaps: Sealing gaps under the window seal with caulk and with weather stripping under the door, the professional technician will restore cent percent insulation in the room which is another aspect of professional air conditioning system maintenance.

  • Noise reduction: Finally, the professional will work to reduce any noise coming from your air conditioner which is specifically designed to work without any noise.  The professional will use a sound blanket suitable for your model or may even use a universal blanket.

Apart from this to save the maintenance cost you can regularly clean and change the air filters regularly. This is the most important as well as the basic part of air conditioning system maintenance. Also, check and clean the air conditioners evaporator and condenser coils, remove debris from the unit and straighten the coil fins, if necessary.

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