Three great renovation project ideas

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

It doesn’t matter who you are; everyone has seen something before that looks old and beat up and has subsequently been filled with the desire to bring it back to its former glory. It might be a passing phase for some, but for others, it is a lifetime obsession that can be transformed into a fulfilling hobby or a life-changing business.

If you’ve thought about taking on a renovation project and only now have the time or the money to be able to realise your ambition, here are three areas you might want to consider for your first renovation project. These pointers will help you to get the most out of the experience.

Property renovation

You might have seen the TV programmes and wanted to have a try at it yourself, but of course, you won’t be naïve enough to think it will turn out exactly the same for you at the first attempt. You’ll have to source your property carefully, then plan your renovation using architects or other experts if you need them. This will extend to finding the right contractors and even a project manager to keep things on track and make sure you have all the right materials.

This can allow you to concentrate on keeping things within budget and ensuring the right finishing touches are in place, which can be where a profit is made or lost and might be the only part of the process you wanted to be involved in any way.

Vintage car restoration

You might have had the poster on your wall as a child or have some obscure fascination with a vehicle that would not make it onto anybody else’s ‘dream car’ list, but finally getting your hands on one in real life is a whole new ball game. First, you’ll need to source one, a process made easier by the internet – and get it delivered to you as well.

Distance used to be a problem for this part of the process, especially if the vehicle was a non-runner. However, there are reputable car shipping companies and brokers that can do the job for you professionally and get the car to you in one piece, or at least as many pieces as you bought. These companies can also be a great place to source shipping for the number of spare parts and materials you are likely to need to complete the project.

Furniture restoration 

This does not have to be as tricky as it might sound. While restoring an 18th century antique might be a job for the experts, turning a mid-century piece of utility furniture into something more desirable and useful is not beyond the abilities of most people. 

With glue, some sandpaper, and paint, you could breathe some new life into something that might otherwise end up at the dump. You will also have the option to sell your unique pieces to others using platforms like eBay. This way, not only will you have a hobby that pays for itself, but you will also have an easy way to clear some space for your next project.

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