The Essence Of Smoke Control In Buildings


In case of a fire in a building, what scares people the most is smoke, because it impairs people of their senses. First of all, due to smoke, the vision is obstructed, eyes burn due to the smoke and the sense of smell is severely affected, which renders a person disoriented. A building fire can cause some serious damage. Thus, it is necessary for people to get out of any such situation at the earliest. In order to facilitate effective evacuation, it is necessary to make certain arrangements to take care of the smoke that arises out of the fire. This need gives rise to the concept of Smoke Control in Buildings.                               

Different Types of Ventilation System for Smoke Control in A Building:

Smoke Ventilation Systems: The best ventilation system for smoke channels, staircases, corridors, roofs are smoke ventilation. A building should have proper smoke ventilation system so that during an emergency situation the heat and smoke caused due to fire can escape out of the building enabling the people to exit from the building safely and securely. Usually, high-rise buildings and commercial buildings use a smoke ventilation system.

Natural Ventilation System: A natural ventilation system is a budget friendly ventilation system, which is available in a large variety to cater to different needs of the people. It lets the smoke escape out of the building during a fire and cools the building using natural air. Cross ventilation is also an effective way to escape the smoke during a fire break out in a building.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems: In this system, mechanical fans are used to pull out smoke from a building and enables fresh air to enter the building during a fire and keeps the dwellers safe, help them to exit the building safely. This is a better option than other natural ventilation systems, as natural ventilation system can only be used in places where there is enough of open space and fresh air.

Places Where Smoke Control System Is Used

Domestic House: Domestic houses should have smoke control system installed to safeguard the building from any major destruction caused due to fire, as domestic houses have more than one storey. AOVs abbreviation for Automatic Opening Vents is mostly used to control smoke in the domestic houses.

Civic Buildings: Public places have big outlets where every day thousands of people pay a visit. It is important for civic buildings to have a good smoke control system installed in buildings. Well-engineered smoke control system is important in public outlets to control the smoke in the building and save the human life.

Commercial Buildings: In commercial buildings, it is important to have a good smoke control system to save the workers in case of fire. There are many smoke controls systems, which can be installed in commercial buildings to control the emergency. Smoke control systems are effective for buildings comprising industrial facilities, car parking, hospitals, warehouses, and many more.

A smoke control system is effective for all sorts of building and is necessary for saving human being in case of fire break out. Type of Smoke control in a building is required according to the building size, shape, type and it depends on many more factors.

Accidents can happen any time and fire can be caused due to any reason, may it be due to carelessness or due to some technical problem and it can cause loss of life, belongings, and property. So, it is important to have a smoke control system in a building to fight such emergency situations.

Many certified companies provide a smoke control system in a building at affordable prices and make sure that the system installed is in an accordance with the requirement of the building. Precautions are always better than cure so get the smoke control system installed today and stay safe during a fire.

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