Spending Time with the Kids While Renovating This Summer


Summertime with the kids can be quite interesting. Many home renovations take place during the summer. Parents use the warm weather to their advantage. It is a good idea to involve the kids in these types of home projects. It is also important to keep the kids safe during the renovations.

You can allow your kids to participate in the design process. Help them to map out space in their room and other areas of the home. Children can help make space for reading nooks, storage or play areas. Remodeling gives children structure and routine during the summer. Consider some of the following family renovation ideas.

Basic Deck Installation

Deck building can range from basic to complicated. It is best to keep it as simple as possible with kids and major projects. Older kids can use basic carpentry tools to help get the job done. Younger kids can help bring out materials. The deck installation process can take anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks.

Building a Tree Bench

Kids love hanging out in the great outdoors. Consider building a tree bench with them. This can be a comfortable area for kids to stay cool during the hot summer months. The design is practical. The bench can be the same color as the tree, or you can allow the kids to pick their favorite color scheme. The family will have a great lounge area all summer.

Create a Playroom

Kids can take up lots of space in the home. It is best to give them their own private area for their things. You can find a space to create a playroom for hanging with siblings and friends. Allow your child to choose the space, and see if it will work out for everyone involved. Use basements, extra rooms or large nooks. These ideal areas for playrooms. You can include ample storage for their toys, games or supplies. Kids can also make comfortable seating for the area.

Laying Flooring Down

Children love to help with laying down flooring. Floor renewal can change the look of an entire room. There are multiple flooring options available. Lock-in flooring does not require nails for installation. This can be an easy project for kids.

Furniture Assembly

Home renovations usually include new furniture. One way to get the kids involved is to assemble some of the furniture. Many retailers now offer furniture that needs to be assembled first. Kids can take turns reading directions and using basic tools.

In the Garden

Renovation sometimes involves beautifying the whole house. Children love nothing more than to get their little hands dirty. There is no better place than the garden. Kids can help to plant seeds for new flowers, pull up undesirable weeds or lay mulch. This can also help instill a strong work ethic at an early age.


Painting can be one of the most fun renovation projects for kids. You can even let them choose the paint colors and areas. There are several brands of Low VOC or No VOC paints available. It is best for children to wear older clothing while painting. They have fun using either paint rollers or brushes. Kids will get satisfaction in seeing a newly painted wall.

Home Decor

You can also include your kids in decorating decisions. They can even create or design new artwork for display throughout the house. Kids can also implement craft items such as photo frames or placemats.

Kids can help with a number of things. They can help with hammering, sanding and caulking. When all else fails, ask the kiddos. They may have been waiting eagerly to work on a specific task throughout the year. Things will flow more smoothly if the kids are interested and engaged.

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