Small Bathroom Fit-Out: The Road to Success


In case you have a small bathroom, chances are that you are not quite pleased with it and you wish it was bigger. Well, guess what? The actual size of your bathroom is not important. What is important is the style of your bathroom. If the style is not right, your bathroom may appear to be even smaller than it actually is. If you want to give your bathroom a facelift and make it look and feel like a million bucks, here’s what you should do.

Go light with colours

Keep in mind that the lighter the colours you decide to go with, the roomier the bathroom will feel. Dark, bold colours tend to visually shrink the space and make it feel smaller than it actually is. Here, you should consider various cream hues, as well as off-whites or even light greys for a unique, modern twist.

Get things off the floor

The fewer things you have placed on the floor in your bathroom, the roomier it will feel. Therefore, consider lifting everything you can up, to free up the floor space and make your bathroom feel bigger. So, go with wall mounted cabinets, toilet and sink, and consider replacing your floor mounted storage solutions with floating, open or glass-door wall shelves.

Reconsider the layout

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for our bathrooms is completely reorganize their layout. For example, this plumber from Sutherland Shire offers to listen, give advice and collaborate with you regarding any type of remodelling you might want to do in your bathroom. Therefore, think twice about the layout, see if there’s any room for improvement and make sure you hire only the most reputable experts to make sure everything’s done properly and efficiently.

Go with a shower instead of a bathtub

Showers generally take far less space than bathtubs. So, if your bathroom is small, trying to fit in a huge bathtub won’t make much sense. Instead, you should opt for a shower with glass sides. Not only will it take up much less room, but the glass sides will make it appear almost seamless, removing the visual barrier a shower curtain creates.

Implement glass in the design as much as possible

As with the shower sides and shelves, you should try to add glass to your bathroom design as much as possible. A great thing about glass is that it offers a sturdy surface that can be used for literally anything without creating any visual obstacles, due to its transparency.

Make sure you have plenty of light

The best way to make a room appear bigger is to combine light colours with plenty of (preferably natural) light. However, if you don’t have any source of natural light in your bathroom, and you don’t even have the luxury of creating one, you should layer the lighting fixtures throughout the space and opt for either CFL or LED light bulbs. The reason behind this is that not only are they more energy efficient than the incandescent light bulbs, but they also give off light that is as close to the natural light as possible.

Use mirrors in your design

Another thing you can consider implementing is mirrors. Aside from the main mirror that should be placed above your vanity, you can also add a couple of them throughout the rest of the bathroom. Additionally, instead of glass cabinet and shelf doors, you choose the ones made of mirrors. The idea behind this is tricking the eye into perceiving the space as bigger than it actually is thanks to all the reflective surfaces.

If you have a small bathroom that you don’t enjoy, you should definitely do something about it. Inspect the ways you can implement the above-mentioned tips into your own bathroom and start making changes today. A bathroom is a place where we start and finish our every day, so if spending time in it is not making you happy, it’s time you change things up.

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