Safety Gear Every Construction Worker Should Have


Construction workers should know everything there is about PPEs or personal protective equipment. Having one reduces the risks of fatal injuries. If you don’t the what PPEs are, then here’s everything you need to know about the safety gear every construction worker should have. 

Safety Gear Every Construction Worker Should Have

Construction sites are renowned for being hazardous workplaces. Hence, it is always essential to wear safety gear at all times when inside the construction site. 

Contractors are very strict when it comes to safety gear. From a good magnetic work light to steel toe work boots and safety goggles, you’ll have to make sure you carry everything with you and that it’s fully functional. 

Let’s discuss the most important pieces of safety gear you’ll need.

Hard Hats

One of the most common safety gear you can identify is hard hats or helmets. Most accidents related to construction have something related to falling or flying objects. Hence, you should always wear a hard hat inside a construction site. 

They also help insulate you from electric shock. Hard helmets should be made firm and free of any deformities or dents. If your hard hat sustains a hard impact, you should change them immediately.  

Work Boots

Work boots are worn on-site and their main function is to protect your feet against crushed toes due to heavy or falling equipment or materials. 

Work boots should be puncture-resistant. The soles should be slip-resistant to reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace. You might also want a steel cap toe for better protection from falling objects. 


Construction companies usually provide googles to their workers since they’re rather cheap. Your eyes are at risk from a lot of things in a construction site workplace. This may include:

  • Chemical elements

  • Material shards

  • Smoke

  • Flying dust and objects

Hence, the need to wear goggles at all times. This is especially true for tasks such as cutting, welding and concreting. These tasks involve safety risks to your eyes and face and should only be done with goggles on. 

Make sure that the goggles you’re using are functioning properly. There are also different eye and face protection for different tasks. For example, you will have to wear welding shields when you are welding. 


Your hands are constantly at risk on a construction site. That’s why construction workers are always reminded to wear gloves. You should also always wear rubber gloves when handling tasks that involve heat or electricity. 

At a construction workplace, your hands are at risk of:

  • Burns 

  • Cuts

  • Fractures

  • Absorption of chemical substances

Make sure your gloves are a snug fit and don’t have any rips or tears no matter how small they may be. They should be free of any chemical residues or burns as these will compromise their protective quality. Replace them if they get compromised. 

Ear Plugs

There is plenty of construction equipment that is so loud that it may damage your hearing, like chainsaws and jackhammers. Construction workers are exposed to high levels of noise for a prolonged time. 

We recommend wearing pre-molded or formable earplugs. They will fully cover and protect your hearing. You can also wear acoustic foam-lined ear muffs. Just make sure they are tightly sealed to your head and works well. 

High Visibility Clothing

Brightly colored and or reflective upper clothing is a must-have when you need to make yourself visible in the workplace. This is especially important if you are working at night. 

It’s generally recommended to wear high visibility clothing at all times regardless if you are working at night or day. They are even mandated to be worn at night in some sites. 


This is the essential safety gear every construction worker should have. They’re designed to protect the important parts of your body. Construction companies should be very strict when it comes to safety so make sure you know and your safety gear in optimal condition.

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