Office Renovation Ideas to Brighten up your Job

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The office is a place of business, and the working environment is an important factor for team performance, so it is good to mix it up a little, and change the ambience from time to time. An office renovation doesn’t have to be a major project, and with the right people helping, it will be completed in no time. Here are a few ideas to help turn that dull office space into a dynamic environment.

Rearrange the partitioning

Most modern offices use partition screens, and the great thing about these is the ease of moving them around. Typically, partitioning is an interlocking system, and with a little creativity, one can create a new look, and with so many combinations, it won’t take long to find the ideal setting.

Go green

Offices are crying out for potted plants, and with the right selection of plants, one can transform the working environment. Mix and match with bamboo and dried grass for a soothing ambience. The actual work can be a little heavy, and the staff have better things to do, so the best solution is to track down some handyman services to carry out the work.

Think about the lighting

Always important, and even more so in the office, with well-placed spotlights that highlight features, or maybe a set of wall lights strategically directed.  Lighting very much depends on the layout, so consider the functionality as well as the look. A good home handy man will be experienced in lighting arrangements, and can safely install new fittings.

Change the carpet tiles

This can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of the office, and with hardwearing, heavy-duty tiles that come in a range of colours and patterns, finding the right combination is a breeze. Two-tone flooring is easy with two different shades of tiles, and one can create a unique pattern that gives a new dimension of symmetry to the workspace.

Handy help

The heavy work should be left to the professionals, rather than tiring out the star players, and a handyman from Men Behaving Handy will take care of all the manual labour. There isn’t a job that a good handyman cannot handle, and with expert tradesmen of all descriptions, the work will be carried out swiftly and professionally.

Motivational posters and quotes

These are great because they are always a reminder of positive practices, and the employees will respond by raising the bar. Short and snappy quotes are most effective, and if the business is client focused, this should be reflected in the messages.

Consult the workers

By involving the staff in the renovation design process, the feeling of ownership will inspire them to help create the perfect working environment, and with more creative minds at work, who knows what might happen?

The office environment can soon become bland and uninteresting; especially for those who spend most of their time in the same area, so consider a change every few months, and the benefits will be there for the business.


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