Know Everything About Having Granite Tiles And Cobblestone Pavers


It is pretty uncommon to see cobblestone pavements or roads nowadays, but nonetheless, if you want to install pavers in the driveway of your home, cobblestone pavers should definitely top your list. Granite tiles and cobblestone pavers are one of the most durable materials out there which means that it will last for a long time. they give your driveway not only a more unique look but if you love the “old school” aesthetic this should definitely be your top choice.

Many of us tend to be unaware of what cobblestone pavers actually are so if you are thinking of getting granite tiles and cobblestone pavers for the driveway of your home, you should definitely do that. The cobblestone pavers are assimilated with granite along with some other kinds of rock such as basalt. Since granite is a hard rock, therefore, this material is used in the driveways to help in increasing the durability of it all. Granite is not only used for a number of centuries as the main component of driveway material but its consistency helps in adding strength and durability to the driveways.

What are Granite Tiles and Cobblestone Pavers?

Belgian block pavers are one of the terms which are used to refer to the cobblestone pavers. One of the most important things you should keep in mind is the fact that granite tiles and cobblestone pavers do cost a lot of money but they are a good investment for the long run. Investing money in building a good driveway for your home is always a great idea. There are, however, low budget substitute for cobblestone pavers, may not give you a satisfactory result. So, opting for gravel, asphalt, concrete and concrete pavers can be beneficial for you in the long run.

If you want your driveway to have an aesthetic look along with long durability, nothing can beat granite tiles and cobblestone pavers for that matter. Granite rocks are resistant to any kind of stains and it also has the withstanding facility with all kinds of weather meaning that unlike most of the paver materials, this will not get affected by any changes in weather.

Important Things you must know about Cobblestone Pavers

If you were to install granite tiles and cobblestone pavers in your driveway, you would not have to worry about its maintenance since it requires very less maintenance compared to the other kind of paver materials. All you have to do is, give a good wash either once or twice a year and trim the weed which sticks out the granite tiles and cobblestone pavers. When a driveway is built in a proper manner with cobblestone pavers, it can last almost up to over 50 years.

Since cobblestone pavers are available in different sizes you would have to look into the ones which would fit your needs. Usually, the cost of per square foot remains about $15 and if you hire a professional to fit your cobblestones then they would charge an extra fee for that as well.


There is no denying that the process of installation of cobblestone paver driveways is actually quite labour intensive. But if you want to save money on hiring a professional, you can do the installation process all by yourself since it does not require any heavy machinery or special skill.

While buying cobblestones make sure to look for the ones which have been made out of natural yet smaller stones which consist of smooth edges. You would invest in good cobblestones it may ensure you that the longevity of your driveway is extended for the longest time possible. 

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