How To Style Your Home Like You Have Hired An Interior Designer?


Being on a budget doesn’t mean that your home cannot look lovelier than your snobbish neighbor’s. Gather all your Pinterest boards related to house décor and your dreams, because today my dear lady, we embark on the journey of decorating your home in the best possible way. You are going to need some guidance. And while I recommend that there are a few style rules you must adhere to, making sure that the essence of your creativity is visible in your home’s décor is a must! Enough with the pep talk, let’s get into action; shall we?

  • Start with the walls

The color and texture of the walls play a defining role in determining the final look of your home. Depending upon your needs, you may paint the entire house with the same color or make an exception for a few rooms. I also suggest that you use the three-color formula to determine the color scheme of a particular place, such as the living room or the entire home.

You will need one color for the walls, a preferably darker color for things like pillows or plush velvet chairs and last but not the least, a third color for accentuating the features of the room with decorations such the flowers in the vase that sits at the table.

  • The right furniture

Choosing the right furniture is the most important aspect of home décor. Once you have decided the theme and the wall color, you have automatically put a filter on your furniture choices. It is vital to assess the architecture of your rooms before you decide to buy the furniture. Invest in good quality furniture, it will last longer without deteriorating, and you will be able to sell it again for a reasonable price.  

The right furniture.jpg

  • Pay attention to the floor

Your home won’t appear put together and well-decorated if you ignore the floors. I recommend wooden floors because when matched with the theme and furniture, wooden floors look amazing. Having a sophisticated floor in your house will make it look expensive. To make the floor appear fancier, you can add a couple of area rugs. Often you can find rugs online at quite an affordable price. My favorite rugs are handmade Pakistani rugs; you’ll find that they are less expensive than Persian rugs but equally beautiful.  

Pay attention to the floor.jpeg

  • Pick some accessories

Alright, once you set up the furniture, you’ll notice that the room still feels a bit too vacant, it’s about time you accessorize your room. Just like a right outfit needs jewelry, your home is going to need some accessories like lamps, wind chimes, a nice wall-clock, and table centerpieces. Once again, you have to keep the theme of the décor in your mind and then decorate according to it. Adding a few planters here and there would increase the beauty of your home, and it will also make sure that the house stays clean because indoor plants help clean the environment just like outdoor plants.

Pick some accessories.jpg

I hope these tips help you decorate the house of your dreams. Good Luck!


About the Author:

Julie Hilton is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about fashion forward home décor ideas as well as ‘pop of color’ art and visionary designs. You can read her blogs at

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