How To Stop Water From Leaking From Your AC Unit


Having an air conditioner has now become a necessity. Due to the climatic changes, almost everyone nowadays owns the air conditioner unit. One of the common problems you shall face in the air conditioners is the water leakage. It might be inside the home or outside – either way It’s a concerned matter to look upon.

When there’s an excessive condensation, then it’s a sign that your AC is having major issues. If you don’t take necessary steps then chances are you will end up having a loss. If things get worse, then you can hire an ac repair technician or perhaps do it on your own.

Before we get into the blog, how to stop water leakage from your AC unit, it is necessary to understand the common reasons behind it along with the solutions to prevent leakage.

Generally, there are four main reasons that cause the air conditioner to leak water.

•    The clogged Condensate Drain line

•    Broken condensate Pump

•    Frozen Evaporator Coil

•    Rusted Drain Pan

Why Your Air Conditioner Does Produces Moisture?

There is a very essential component in the air conditioner unit, it is known as the evaporator coil. This coil is filled with the refrigerant that puts the hot air out from your home. Once it passes from the coil, you receive cool air in your home.     

This cool air comes out from the vents thereby reducing the temperature of your home.

When the warm air hits the coil then the condensation known as moisture is created. Gradually, with the time these beads are collected and creates a considerable amount of moisture.

Normally, these water beads drain outside through the drain line. But, if there’s a problem in the draining, then there will be a problem in the leakage of the water.

Now, below mentioned are top problems due to which the water leaks from the air conditioner unit. Alongside, we have mentioned down the solution as well.

1.    Clogged Condensate Drain Line

One of the most common problems for water leaking is the clogged condensate drain line. Over the period, it is clogged up due to debris and dirt. Because of which it stops the water to drain outside.

Now that it doesn’t have any passage to go, it flows back into the drain pan thereby gathering up water. Once it has sufficient water, then it starts overflowing.

Solution: Get the skilled ac repair technician to suck all the debris and blockage.

2.    Broken Condensate Pump

Do you have an air conditioner in the basement? Then you will be having condensate pump as well. Due to this condensate pump, the water moves upward and forces it to dump outside of your home.  If the pump breaks then there’s going to be the pull of water.

Solution: You can replace the pump or get it repaired through a specialist.

3.    Frozen Evaporator Coil

As we have mentioned earlier that the evaporator coil is responsible for cooling the air.  But chances are it might freeze up even during hot summer.

There are two possibilities.

•    Low airflow

•    Low refrigerant

The following are the reasons that prevent the air from reaching the evaporating coil

•    Dirty filters

•    Clogged vents

•    Leaking ducts

What you can do is change the filters when they are dirty, clean the clogged vents and leave it open, and contact a professional who sorts out the sealing of ducts.

You’ll know that there is a refrigerant leak when you:

•    Hear the hissing sound or perhaps bubbling

•    The air conditioner isn’t cool in your home

•    Warm air coming from the vents

If you notice, there is a significant amount of water leakage from the AC unit then you certainly need to call the expert. In the above-mentioned blog, we have written down about the causes and how you can do it yourself and put off leakage from the air conditioner unit.

You can avoid the costly damage by contacting an HVAC expert who will give you correct advice and repair the unit without emptying your bank.

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