How to Redesign a Small Contemporary Bathroom


Whether big or small, our bathrooms are very important to us and we feel they deserve the same attention that is given to other rooms in the house. We love them as they give us the much-desired privacy and place of refuge and relaxation. We frequent them many times a day and besides their practicality and functionality, we need them to offer a bit more – a welcoming vibe of luxury and comfort.

If your current bathroom doesn’t tick off these boxes, it might be time for a remodel. And if it’s a small space, the challenge gets bigger as you need to figure out the best layout and incorporate all the elements you desire. Without previous experience in bathroom renovations, this little project might turn into your worst nightmare and a bottomless money pit.

If you want to avoid that and have a successful renovation of your tiny bathroom, follow this list of tips and suggestions.

Start from scratch

If you’re planning to take your renovation to ground zero, think about completely changing the floor plan and layout. Reconfiguring it and relocating the elements will help you maximize the space. Be precise in sizing up the space and getting the exact measurements of the bathroom itself, but also of all the fixtures and elements you plan to install. This will be very helpful in being more efficient when planning your bathroom renovation.

For a small bathroom where the space is tight, incorporating space-saving ideas is the road to success. One solution could be installing a corner sink that would free up space and enable easier traffic. Opt for a smaller bathtub instead of the standard size and choose smaller fixtures. There are a lot of chic and stylish tiny bath designs out there today so you don’t have to give up on the luxury and modern style just because you’re dealing with a small space.

Pick the colour palette

The right choice of the colour palette can completely transform the space, so if you’re starting from scratch, take the risk and go for something bold and trendy. For instance, do one wall in a dark paint colour or bold wallpaper design. Adding a little bit of drama can make the space look cool and modern.

However, if a dark theme is not your thing, you can opt for a softer coloured background and then add details in bold vibrant colours, such as mint green, turquoise, orange, red or even go for silver or gold. It will give your tiny bathroom new aesthetics and a touch of elegance and luxury.

Provide enough storage

In a small space, having sufficient storage is everything. Powder rooms can benefit greatly from sleek pedestal sinks that are tall and slender, take up much less room and elongate the space.

Another choice can be to opt for a vanity that offers ample storage underneath the sink. For instance, these bathroom vanities by Acqua Bathrooms  not only provide ample storage, but open up the room with their floating design and create an illusion of even more space.

Finally, you can create built-in storage by incorporating it into your overall design right from the beginning and avoid having it stand out like an eyesore.

Install a glass shower

Installing a glass shower in a small bathroom is a much better option than having it enclosed or using shower curtains. Glass is clear and allows light through it, which makes the room feel more open, brighter and bigger.

Don’t give up on luxury

Just because your bathroom is small, you don’t have to sacrifice style and luxury. It may not be possible to install a big spa bathtub with jets, but you can still indulge yourself with a few luxurious details, such as a vintage crystal chandelier as a focal point of the room, modern recess lights placed strategically around or the latest high-tech shower system.

By taking the suggestions listed here into consideration when planning your small bathroom remodel, you’ll be able to find the right balance between the space you have, your design preferences and the realistic possibilities of your available budget.  

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