How to Pet-Proofing Your Home

Have you ever thought if your home is a safe place for your pet? Is keeping it closed is just enough to keep it safe? 

You can find out in this article! 

Here, you can find many situations that can be potentially dangerous for your pet and how to make your home safe for pets. If you need inspiration on how to pet-proof your home, find it here! 

Leave No Secret Exits 

An open window on a hot day isn’t just a treat for burglary, but for your pet to escape! If you want to keep it opened, use the protective net. When you get a pet, you should be aware of all potential exits it can use to escape. Pets like cats and dogs are curious especially when they are younger, and even a smaller hole is a potential exit. Be sure that you lock the door after you leave the home because they can even learn to open them on a knob. 

Use Child Lock To Secure Food 

Intensive food smell is probable cause for potentially dangerous situations. Human food isn’t intended for pets and they could be poisoned by eating it or get a serious digestive problem. Also, if they climb on the cupboards, they may accidentally drop something fragile. A smart way is to leave a bit of their food in a bowl where they eat. This will prevent them from food searching in case they get hungry. 

Keep Dangerous Items On Higher 

Many dangerous items in everyday use can potentially be bad for your pet. Starting from the bathroom, remember to keep chemicals and beauty products in a safe and higher place. The same is with medicals and pills that look a lot like food. If you have a dog, take those things on higher positions, but if you have a cat, consider securing them with a child lock, too. 

Keep Space Tidy 

Keeping space tidy helps you find the mess if the pet made it and provides much more space for them to play. It is especially important to teach them not to make a mess when you are outside. Also, this prevents paws injury since sharp objects on the floor can be an obstacle in their play. 

Hide Electrical Wires 

Because of so many electrical gadgets in the modern home, the pet can be in danger if it starts to play with wires. The potential electric shock isn’t the only dangerous situation, but it can cause a fire or damage the gadget. To avoid expensive and potentially destructive damages, be sure that all electric gadgets are unwired or that wires are secured. More suggestive advice you can read here. 

Keep All Sharp Objects Closed 

There are so many sharp objects that can be harmful to your pets, and that don’t include only knives. All kitchen accessories should be stored in higher and closed drawers or cupboards. Also, items made of glass or sharp metal should be closed and removed from the room. be careful if you have a garage or a basement since all of the dangerous, pointy and sharp tools are stored there. If you can't close or lock it, then store it properly. 

Close Doors On Rooms You Don't Want Them To Enter 

Not all of the rooms are intended for pets to be in. Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen should be closed when you are outside the home. Choose one room where you will leave pet-safe toys, enough water and food for them to endure the day. If you want to have cold and fresh water at every moment, check some cool water dispensers here. Toys and enough space for playing will keep them interested and cosy bed is a good place to rest. If you still don’t trust them, install a pet camera and have documented everything they are doing during the day.  

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