How to Make Your Own Video Game Room


An ideal gaming setup should balance comfort with assorted technologies that make both casual evening gaming and marathon weekend session equally entertaining. However, not many gamers can set aside a part of their house specifically for gaming. Luckily, arranging a gaming-optimized room from scratch isn’t difficult if you follow these steps.

Get a room

If you’re still shacked up with your parents, this might be the tricky part. Chances are they need that extra room for storage, laundry or simply an extra guest room. However, in many cases, when there’s a will, there’s a way, and you won’t have difficulties getting a room for yourself. If it comes to the worst, you can even take steps to convert your bedroom into a gaming man-cave. Still, the most ideal places are the extra room in the basement or the attic.  

Set up connections

A speedy Wi-Fi router is the heart of gaming room connections, although hard-wired connections are often the best. Still, a powered-up rig like the Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Dual Band Gigabit Router lets you increase the potential bandwidth, making streaming an HD video from your PC or downloading a console game on Xbox Live speedy fast. Look for a dual-band router with 450Mbps across the 2.4 and 5.0GHz bands, and you’re good to go.

Choose a display

This step varies greatly depending on your room size, shape and role. If you’re looking to build a room that can double as a movie theatre, or you have enough space to include a large TV, by all means, do. Even a 32” flat screen with a solid performance will make a huge difference. However, going with a 27” gaming monitor is an alternative that gives you a ton of flexibility to reorganize or rearrange your gaming room over time. Look them up online and compare prices and specs to get an ideal choice.

Deal with cables

Bundles of cables are unfortunately still a reality of modern technology, with many peripherals and quality audio systems still relying on the “wire”. Luckily, there are many elegant solutions to unsightly, and sometimes dangerous cable clutter on the floor. Bluelounge CableBox is one of those answers that lets you focus more on the game than loose wires. However, if CableBox is either too big or too small for your space, there are other products from the Bluelounge line to fit every setup. Alternatively, you can go with IKEA’s FIXA cable management system.

Find a coffee table

A gaming room is so much more than just a place for you and your friends to play games. It’s a place for getting together and blowing off steam, so it’s hard to imagine one without a coffee table. An ideal type is one with drawers such as the Bosco Coffee Table from Safavieh, that comes in three colours and pleasing classic design. Its two narrow drawers are ideal for spare chargers, audio/video cables, accessories, peripherals, game guides, and many other items that are hard to find a place for.


There are those little details and features that set apart a thoroughbred gaming room from an adapted space. A mini fridge with the glass door such as one found on beach bar counters lets you easily see how the refreshment stack is faring, and the mini-popcorn trolley gives you easy access to freshly made popcorn, essential for gaming binges. Finally, no gaming room is complete without the latest FIFA 19 or Far Cry 5 posters.

Whether you’re a serious gamer or just list playing games as one of your many hobbies, having a dedicated gaming room for yourself and friends when they come over is a nice point of interest in your home. One way or another, both making and using one will give you a huge amount of satisfaction.

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