How to Make the Ultimate Home Gym


Many of us, unfortunately, struggle quite often with finding the time to hit the gym so we end up feeling completely defeated and most commonly simply give up. However, what many of us fail to remember is that the gym is not the only place where we can get some workout done. Au contraire!

It’s actually recommended that you go running in nature because the outdoor air is still much healthier than the air indoors. And when it comes to exercises that require some gym equipment, you can do those in your home gym, provided that you have one. You don’t? Well, what are you waiting for?

The baseline

First and foremost, you’ll have to determine where you want to place your home gym. Ideally, it should be put together in a room that has plenty of natural light, as well as windows, so that you can air it out often and keep it fresh. However, if that is not possible, find a nook in your home that’s not too buys and place the equipment there. You need to have enough room to perform all the exercises correctly, without anyone getting in your way. Now that you’ve chosen the right spot, let’s see what some of the equipment essentials are.


No gym can be called that without a set of useful, light-weight dumbbells. These nifty essentials are so versatile you can include them in basically any exercise, they don’t take up a lot of room but the results you can achieve with them are simply amazing. There are also various dumbbell stand designs that allow you to mount them on the wall so they are always at the arm’s reach but don’t take any floor space.

Doorway bar

Another essential is definitely the doorway pull-up and chin-up bar. This piece of equipment is super easy to install – you’ll just need a doorway – and is excellent for toning up the upper part of your body. Additionally, if you don’t have enough of the upper body strength just jet to use the doorway bar the right way, you can also get a pair of ab straps to help you out a bit.

Pilates and yoga equipment

Now, if your goal is to squeeze in regular exercises in your daily life in order to stay healthy and fit, Pilates and yoga should become your new best friends. The best part is that in order to do these exercises well, you won’t actually need a lot of bulky gym equipment. Rather, the exercise equipment you’ll need consists of a yoga mat, yoga block, a Pilates ball and some mini bands. Oh, and dumbbells, of course, to tone those muscles the right way.

Resistance band

Resistance bands are very compact and easy to store away but they offer great results when included in an exercise routine. They allow you to challenge your muscles and up your routine without taking up too much space. There are numerous resistance band exercise ideas you can find online, so check them out and change up your routine a bit.

Jump rope

Yes, one of the favorite childhood toys has actually made it to this list! A jump rope allows you to squeeze in some of that dreaded cardio into your exercise routine but actually make it fun. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to warm up before some more strenuous workout sessions and you can, again, store it away quite easily.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. The overall theme of this guide on how to set up a home gym is how to get the most out of your home gym without taking up too much space. All of these pieces of equipment are actually pretty simple to use and don’t take up a lot of space, but they are super effective. So, what are you waiting for?

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